Dr. Owen Harper: ISTP


Owen Harper ISTP | Torchwood #MBTI #ISTP

Dominant Introverted Thinking (Ti): Owen Harper is analytical and detached. He is quick to make judgements that allow him to jump into action before most people have finished sizing up a situation. Owen doesn’t hesitate to poke fun at stupid comments or illogical suggestions. He doesn’t often share his thoughts with others. When he needs to think through something, he retreats to somewhere that he can be away from his friends. Continue reading

Are xSTPs the best types?

Uhw asked: If you are a Intj, you should know the meaning of life, which is enjoy the life (considering that the life of a human being is 80 years and he takes nothing beyond).

So, you agree that istp and estp are the best types of the world?

You do recall that I am studying philosophy at university level, right?

Your syllogism is sound, but invalid. Let me explain by taking it apart for you.

  1. If I am an INTJ, I will know that the meaning of life is to enjoy life
  2. I am an INTJ

Therefore I can conclude that xSTPs are the best MBTI types

First of all, we have not established between us that the meaning of life is to enjoy life, so your first premise is called into question. Secondly, you have none of your premises suggest that xSTPs enjoy life more than say xSFPs, so you cannot conclude based on either premise that xSTPs are the “best” (you have also not defined “best”).

That considered, I believe the meaning of life is much more complicated than you might suggest and has more to do with morality than to do with enjoyment.

Katza – Graceling: ISTP


Ti: Katsa’s survival skills are enhanced by her studies and knowledgeability. Katsa’s nature is serious, but her worldview and logic aren’t based on the same logic as the rest of the world’s. She doesn’t always catch on to people’s jokes and tends to take things too seriously. She isn’t afraid to voice uncomfortable questions, as she tends to be rather detached. She doesn’t talk about her thoughts where she doesn’t have to and doesn’t really enjoy social settings.

Se: Katsa tests her body to the limits, and even studies it to understand it better. Katsa is built to survive, be it through the awareness of her physical world or through her physical abilities. She’s impulsive and doesn’t always plan out her actions before she carries them out. She likes new physical experiences and lets himself get carried away with Po.

Ni: She knows perfectly well that she’s capable of killing people by reflex, and to avoid this, she tries to predict her opponents moves. She’s reluctant to trust people at first, and tends to be a bit judgmental. She’s good at pinpointing problems with plans and can visualize what she needs to do to get to where she wants to be.

Fe: She tends to jump to assumptions about people based on stereotypes. She doesn’t want to hurt people, and has to come to terms with her abilities. She tends to repress her emotions and doesn’t really understand them. Instead of facing them, she engages in various physical activities to get her mind off of them.

Bard – The Hobbit: ISTP

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Bard ISTP | The Hobbit #MBTI #ISTP

Ti: Bard thinks quickly, silently, and on his feet. He’s analytical and able to make decisions in split seconds by comparing multiple angles in his head. Though he keeps most of his thought process to himself, he’s willing to step up and interrupt when people are getting irrational, and his influence is often able to prevent poor mob-mentality actions. He chooses his words carefully and uses them minimally. Continue reading

Manfred von Richthofen: ISTP

The Red Baron

The Red Baron ISTP | The Book Addict's Guide to MBTI #ISTP

Ti: It wasn’t uncommon for the Baron to ask the uncomfortable questions or assert odd opinions, but most of the time he didn’t really share his thought process with others. He was a man of few words and didn’t particularly enjoy social parties. Continue reading

Joel – The Last of Us: ISTP

Guest Post by Matt, INTJ

The Last of Us

Joel ISTP | The Last of Us #MBTI #ISTP

Dominant Ti: Joel understands mechanical and logically subjective systems particularly well; his ability to consistently problem-solve in a world without typical constraints like order and social standing ultimately insure his continued survival. He maintains a survivor’s mindset both before and after Sarah’s death, unlike everyone else around him. Ironically enough, his default, unique worldview adapts quickly to the world after the outbreak since it doesn’t really need to do any adapting at all. Joel always finds a way to survive, finding ways to overcome difficulties of both the financial and fungal kind. Another tip-off: Joel rarely ever voices his thought process and doesn’t order his companions around much. He never comes across as domineering or controlling, unlike most extraverted thinkers. Continue reading

Peter Parker: ISTP

The Amazing Spiderman

Peter Parker ISTP | Amazing Spiderman #MBTI #ISTP

Ti: Peter is good at figuring out how things work and though he can identify how to fix things around the house when they get broken, he doesn’t necessarily take action to do so. He doesn’t express his thoughts outwardly unless asked to do so and then he doesn’t always find the right words to say exactly what he means. Continue reading