Commissioner Jim Gordon: ISFJ

Guest Post by E.J., INTJ

Batman Trilogy


Dominant Si: Gordon takes a very traditional approach to his job. He resists the corruption around him–despite the fact that his partner pressures him to join in–but he also accepts the Gotham police department as it is and does not attempt to actively fight the corruption. It takes him some time to grow used to working with Batman, but once he does, it becomes habit. Gordon has trouble adjusting to changes in Gotham’s crime rate. He learned his job in a corrupt, crime-ridden city, and when the crime rate goes down after the Joker is recaptured, Gordon does not change strategy. He nearly loses his job as police commissioner because the city authorities are tired of him behaving as though the city still has a serious crime problem. Continue reading

The SF Type Who Thinks He’s an INTJ

Jannelle67 asked: I often meet people claim to be INTJs who really aren’t when you get to know them (as opposed to people who seem more like INTJs once you get to know them). Which types are most likely to be INTJ posers like this?

oscar wilde gif

Really, any type could try to pose as an INTJ, and could probably convince themselves they were an INTJ if they ignored the evidence well enough. The gal who writes funkymbtifiction did this for years (and then moved on to consecutively convince herself that she was every other type as well). Continue reading

Kaneki Ken: ISFJ

Guest post by Zoey, INFJ

Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken ISFJ | Tokyo Ghoul #MBTI #ISFJ

Si: Kaneki highly regards his past, and is even plagued by it. He reads books, because his late father was an avid reader, and Kankei feels he could connect to his father in this way. When he was being brutally tortured by Yamori in the basement, it was his past, that his mother always left him alone and worked so hard that she passed away. It was this pain from his past that pushed him to fight back against Yamori. Kaneki also believed that all ghouls are evil\bad, until he turns into a half-ghouls himself, just because that is what was often broadcasted. He isn’t open to new perspectives, and resists strongly when he realised that he became a half-ghoul. He even tried to eat human food, which was indigestible by ghouls. Continue reading

Delia Ketchum: ISFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Delia Ketchum ISFJ | Pokemon #ISFJ #MBTI

Introverted Sensing (Si): Delia seems satisfied in her role as a conventional mother in a small town, tending the garden, cleaning the place, and cooking for her son and his friends when he’s home.  She sometimes compares Ash to his father at whatever point he is at in his journey; she is impressed that Ash reached Viridian City in only one day, while it had taken his father four days!  When Delia watches Ash compete in Pokemon Leagues, she brings along a camera, hoping to record his battles for posterity.  When she catches Ash staying up late the night before he is due to begin his journey, she allows him to stay up, but only if he watches an educational program to inform his choice of a Pokemon the following morning. Continue reading

Hercule Poirot: ISFJ

Guest post by whatisfreethen, INTP

Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Hercule Poirot ISFJ | Agatha Christie's Poirot #MBTI #ISFJ

Si: One of the only things Hercule wanted was a quiet retired life. Although he was never lucky enough to get it. In most cases Poirot didn’t just come up to help in the investigation, even when he found it interesting from outside. He usually was called to help by Hastings or whoever was heading the investigation. Poirot’s method usually consisted of thorough observation of the crime scene and making note of every little detail, before he would start taking his own theories seriously. He also had a strong penchant for tradition and to say he gave importance to even the tiniest details would be an understatement. Continue reading

Samwise Gamgee: ISFJ

Guest post by E. J., INTJ

Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

Samwise Gamgee ISFJ | Lord of the Rings #MBTI #ISFJ

Dominant Si: Most hobbits are traditionalists, and, in that sense, Sam is the quintessential hobbit. He understands life in based on his experiences growing up in the Shire and frequently refers to it in conversation, even when he is in danger hundreds of miles away. Sam also quotes his father frequently, even though Sam is better educated and probably more intelligent. On the road, he continues to use courtesy terms for Frodo, Merry, and Pippin, despite the fact that the differences between upper and lower classes in the Shire are largely irrelevant outside it. Sam has difficulty accepting new ideas: Tolkien himself, although fond of Sam, remarked that his narrow-mindedness would make him almost insufferable if the Ring quest had not forced him to mature. Sam’s traditionalism is one of the reasons why he dislikes Gollum, who comes from a hobbit-like people but behaves in a very un-hobbit-like manner. Continue reading

Cho Chang: ISFJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Cho Chang ISFJ | Harry Potter #MBTI #ISFJ

Introverted Sensing (Si): Cho follows through with her commitments.  When she accepts Cedric’s invitation to go to the Yule Ball together, she stays true to her word, turning down a later invitation from Harry, with whom she really wanted to go to the ball.  Additionally, she never takes the initiative to ask Harry to the ball herself (classic Si traditionalism).  Cho is loyal to everyone she knows; she doesn’t stop talking to Harry even when most of the Wizarding World regards him as “disturbed and dangerous,” and when her best friend, Marietta, sells out the defense education group that Harry leads, Cho refuses to cut ties with her.  Cho has a tendency to remember past instances of rudeness, like when Ron insults her Quidditch team (Si-Fe).  During her one Quidditch match against Harry, Cho lets him search for the Snitch while she tails him. Continue reading