Se-users: Do you talk with your Hands?

ComradeJocasta asked: Is it possible that upper-Se users might be more likely to gesture a lot when they speak?

I haven’t actually found much research on this topic. However, I’ve given it a bit of thought, and I’d like to hear everyone else’s thoughts as well.

My ESFP brother definitely is NOT a hand talker. However, he does have a strong need for touch and physical contact with people he’s comfortable around. Same goes for my ISFP room-mate.

Out of anyone in my family or friend group, I’m actually the one who talks most via my hands. However, I don’t necessarily attribute this to my Se function so much as to the fact that I’m relatively fluent in Sign Language. Before I learned Sign Language, I didn’t gesture at all when I spoke, but now talking and gesturing practically go hand in hand for me (wow, that was a terrible pun).

It’s the same with any language. As soon as you’re fluent in more than one language, and especially if you know more than two, it’s hard to force yourself not to blend the elements of each. At the same time, you also keep many elements very separate as well (for instance, I swear a lot more in German than I do in English).

Upper Se-users. Now is your time to talk! I’m interested to hear whether you talk with your hands.


Greta Müller: ESFP

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Greta Muller ESFP | #generation war #MBTI #ESFP

Se: Greta uses her body to get what she wants as well as to protect the people she cares about. She starts an affair with Dorn to get Viktor a safe ride out of Germany and to protect herself from incitement charges. She is the performer of her friend circle and loves to be in the spotlight. She tends to be a bit impatient and likes to jump into things hastily. She likes swing and modernism. Continue reading

Anakin Skywalker: ESFP

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Star Wars

Anakin Skywalker ESFP | Star Wars #MBTI #ESFP

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Anakin shows a knack for piloting from a very young age.  Whether he’s at the controls of a podracer, a starfighter, an airspeeder, or a heavily damaged enemy battle cruiser, Anakin can dodge obstacles and dart through firefights, and fire the kill shot to boot.  He has an excellent aim whenever flying an armed vessel; he saves Obi-Wan’s life by blasting diminutive circuit-wrecking droids off his fighter in the middle of an attack run.  Anakin tends to charge into fights without thinking, and once even abandons an assigned post to rescue his captured mother.  He also has a strong taste for aesthetics, almost letting Obi-Wan die fighting a bounty hunter while he chooses just the right speeder to give chase.  Anakin notices small things about his environment which tend to make a great deal of difference; he notices a speeder of which he’d lost the trail re-emerge many feet below him, as well as Qui-Gon’s lightsaber when the Jedi Master is in disguise.  Anakin reacts quickly and effectively to sudden changes; when his podracer catches fire in the middle of a race, he stays cool, salvaging both the vehicle and the victory. Continue reading

Ron Weasley: ESFP

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Ron Weasley ESFP | Harry Potter #MBTI #ESFP

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Ron likes to have fun, and lives for the thrills of the moment.  He often neglects to study for important exams, as he cannot handle the tedium of prolonged studying.  He has the most prominent sense of humor in his inner circle of friends, and is much more likely to crack a joke than Harry or Hermione is.  Ron likes physical activity, and has a natural ability for Quidditch.  Ron usually doesn’t think before acting, and at times, this has landed him in trouble (blasting himself with his own malfunctioning wand, flying his parents’ car to Hogwarts), but it also allows him to escape from sticky situations (talking his way out of an encounter with a group of “snatchers”).  Ron becomes impatient when Harry admits that he has no plan to find all of Vordemort’s horcruxes, and he makes an impulsive decision to bail out of hunt for them. Continue reading

Anna – Frozen: ESFP

Guest Post by E.J., INTJ


Anna ESFP | Frozen #MBTI #ESFP

Dominant Se: Ana loves to be active. As a small child, her way of bonding with her sister was shared activity time. When Elsa is no longer allowed to engage in physical play with Ana, their relationship suffers. Ana misses her sister on an emotional level, but she expresses her feelings by complaining about how bored she is and wishing that they could do something together (“Do you wanna build a snowman?/ Or ride our bikes around the halls…”). Ana looks forward to her sister’s coronation because of the party involved. Excitement makes her move physically–she runs and dances around throughout the movie. Ana’s Se gives her boldness in some situations that would terrify others: she has enough confidence in her physical abilities that she is willing to climb into the mountains alone. Throughout the movie, Ana helps to connect her sister to the real, physical world–running interference for Elsa early on as Elsa grieves, and, eventually, encouraging Elsa to use her gift to delight their people. Continue reading

Maude – Harold and Maude: ESFP

Harold and Maude

Maude ESFP | Harold and Maude #MBTI #ESFP

Se: Maude enjoys a thrill. She loves to drive crazy, smell things, feel things and do pretty much anything that thrills her senses. She loves to dance and lives to have fun. She’s agile for an old woman and doesn’t have any problem jumping around, stealing cars, shovels and trees right under people’s noses. Her main goal in life is to explore new experience and love every minute of it. Continue reading

Ash Ketchum: ESFP

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Ash Ketchum ESFP | Pokemon #MBTI #ESFP

Se: Ash makes every decision, big and small, spontaneously.  These range from starting Pokemon battles for any reason (or no reason) to starting a new journey to some unknown region based solely on a whim.  Ash usually does not enter a Pokemon battle with a plan of action; he relies instead on a seemingly innate feel for tactics in the moment.  Ash also prefers to learn through first-hand experience, not through books or classes. Continue reading