Dawn – Pokemon: INFP

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Dawn INFP| Pokemon #MBTI #INFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): More than anything, Dawn feels the need to stay true to herself.  She cares little for what others tell her to do, always brushing off her mother’s words of caution with a cheerful “No need to worry!”  Dawn can take minor slights personally; when Paul doesn’t remember her when they cross paths for the second time, she is highly insulted.  It can take time for Dawn to warm up to people (especially her rivals and the crass Paul), but once she understands them and gets to know them better, she will hear them out when they voice opinions contrary to her own, and will be more gentle in her criticisms of them.  However, she immediately befriends Ash and Brock, whose morals align closely with her own, upon meeting them. Continue reading

Rey – Star Wars: ISTJ

Guest Post by Jessica Prescott, INFJ

Star Wars:  The Force Awakens

Rey ISTJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ISTJ

Introverted Sensing (Si):  The single most important influence on Rey’s thought processes and decision-making is her attachment to the past.  She endures a comfortless existence on Jakku, sustained solely by the hope that the family who abandoned her there fifteen years earlier will one day return to find her.  So tenaciously does she cling to this belief, in fact, that even after narrowly escaping from Jakku with her life, Rey’s first reaction is to insist on returning there as soon as possible: “I’ve been gone too long already.”  Rey is also an avid collector of legends and lore about the old days of the Jedi, and she clearly respects Han Solo for the part he played in those stories (a respect which Se-user Finn does not share).  She has an excellent memory for detail and can give Han an exact history of everything that has happened to the Millennium Falcon since it’s been on Jakku (including all the repairs/alterations it has undergone). Continue reading

Boromir: ESTJ

Guest Post by E. J., INTJ

Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien


Dominant Te: Boromir is eager to lead other people. When Faramir wanted to go to Rivendell to learn the meaning of a strange dream (which Faramir had dreamed frequently, but Boromir had only dreamed once), Boromir insisted that he was more capable of making the journey than Faramir. Given that both of them were mature war leaders, the more likely explanation is that Boromir simply wanted to take charge of the situation. Faramir suspects that a rivalry would have sprung up between Aragorn and Boromir if Boromir had lived longer: regardless of whether Boromir claimed to accept Aragorn’s right to the throne, learning to defer to another man would have been difficult for him. Boromir can be very blunt, and he does not mind interrupting other people–even Gandalf–if he disagrees with them or thinks they are misrepresenting the facts. Boromir prefers to make his decisions using strictly empirical evidence, which sometimes brings him into conflict with the Ti-based choices of Gandalf and Aragorn. Continue reading

Padme Amidala: ISFJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Star Wars

Padme Amidala ISFJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ISFJ

Introverted Sensing (Si): Padme is a traditionalist, and avoids unnecessary change.  She seeks to preserve the customary principles of pacifism and democratic governance in both her home planet of Naboo and in the wider Galactic Republic.  Even when Palpatine transforms the Republic into the Empire, Padme urges her colleagues in the Senate to feign complicity with the new regime, and to continue all resistance underground.  Padme conducts herself in a way that is consistent with her station in life, and expects others to do the same; she refuses more protection than the average senator even when attempts are made on her life, and she initially rejects Anakin’s romantic advances because it is considered improper for him to make the Continue reading

Zoe Washburne: ISTJ

Guest Post by Elizabeth Travis, ISTJ


Zoe Washburn ISTJ | Firefly #MBTI #ISTJ

Dominant Introverted Sensing (Si): Zoe prefers to live in a way she is accustomed to, working with the Captain that she served with during the war. During the war Zoe took her orders from Malcolm Reynolds and continues to do so onboard Serenity, serving as his second-in-command. She is the only one of the crew to regularly call Captains Reynolds ‘Sir’. Even though the war has been over for six years, it is still fresh in Zoe’s mind and affects her on a regular basis, like cutting up an apple instead of biting into it because she once saw another soldier blown up by biting into an apple which had been rigged. She does not mind routine and prefers to follow methods that have worked before. Continue reading

Viktor Krum: ISTP

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Viktor Krum ISTP | Harry Potter #MBTI #ISTP

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Viktor speaks little and chooses his words carefully.  Although he is widely beloved across the wizarding world, he is largely indifferent to, say, the favoritism he receives from his headmaster, or the constant swooning of fangirls.  His method of rescuing Hermione in the second Triwizard task is not so straightforward, but it does have some theoretical sense.  When Viktor suspects a more-than-friendly relationship between Harry and Hermione, he questions Harry in private in order to inform himself; in doing this, he not only puts more stock in words than empirical evidence, but he also shows obliviousness to the social implications of talking to Harry under these circumstances (because he is from a Dark Arts-oriented school, Durmstrang).  As a Seeker in Quidditch matches, Viktor largely operates alone, leaving teamwork to the other players. Continue reading

Duke Leto Atreides: ENFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Dune series, Frank Herbert

Duke Leto Atreides ENFJ | Dune #MBTI #ENFJ

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Leto is blessed with charisma, and is very popular among the noble families of the empire – so much so that even the emperor himself is afraid of his influence. Even though he realizes the necessity of waging war against the Harkonnens, he hates actually doing it, because it requires the killing of people who just happen to be in the way. Leto is someone who cares very much about others: not only his family, but also lowly people he doesn’t know, and the lengths he goes to in order to help people out can win over even those who expected the worst of him. When he is assigned to govern Arrakis, he would rather work with the native Fremen than work against them. Continue reading