Can INFJs use Ti more than Fe?

Kerissa asked: Is this situation possible, or am I misreading myself? I think that I’m an INFJ, but that I rely on my Ti more than my Fe. I’m still fairly young and I read somewhere that Fe develops later than some other functions. All the tests type me as an INTJ, but I’m almost positive I use Ti and Fe. According to function stacks, I can’t use Ni as my dominant function and Ti as my second one, but that’s how I would think I think.

Always trust your self knowledge before you trust the test.

What you’re describing is a function loop, where you get stuck using either your two introverted functions or your two extraverted functions and neglect the other two. Stop doing that. It’s not good for you.

The best way to get out of it is to focus on using the two functions that you’re not using as much more often. This will help bring you into a more balanced state.


INFJ: How I Write

Guest post by annesophie, INFJ


As a budding novelist, I spend a lot of time thinking about my characters’ minds and how they work. It seems fitting that I also take the time to look at my own mind and ask myself, with regard to the cognitive functions, how it goes about creating stories. This is my take on how being an INFJ influences my writing.

Being an INFJ, I find that my preferred method of communication (for my sake and for everyone else’s) is of the written sort. Give me a pencil, paper, and some time and I can organize my thoughts in an eloquent fashion, and even perhaps at a rapid pace. Ask me to speak in front of more than two people and…well, results may vary.

Mix this with a preference for fictional friends Continue reading

J.K. Rowling: INFJ

Guest post by Danielle, INTJ

Factors to Keep in Mind: Clinical Depression

J.K. Rowling INFJ | Harry Potter #MBTI #INFJ

Ni: With a passion for folklore and imagination, Rowling aspired to be a writer since she was 5 or 6 years old. She has scores of stories in mind, willing to wait years to write all of them. She mentions that once an idea pops into her head it floods her mind. In her account of creating Harry Potter while on a train, she described it as “an explosion of color, and… could see lots of detail about the world.” She hates small talk, preferring to learn about others’ differing opinions and fee Continue reading

Canonical INxJ Friendships

Anonymouslemer asked: “Are there any canonical examples of an INTJ/INFJ friendship?”

Look no further than House M.D. House and Wilson are a perfect example of a relationship between unhealthy INxJs. Let’s just say they’re the type of friend-pair that will feel perfectly comfortable sitting and problem solving in a room with a random comatose grandpa that they’ve never met. They both toss around Ni, understanding each other’s deepest motivations and secrets without having to ask. Both of them are gifted at figuring out other people’s deepest secrets, but House does i Continue reading

Charles Xavier: INFJ

Guest Post by Shubham, ENTP


Charles Xavier INFJ | X-Men #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Charles is a mutant who has the power of telepathy (and to some extent telekinesis), but can also recognize what is going on in the minds of others very easily without having to read their minds. Thus many times when he is asked, “so did you read my mind,” he responds, “I didn’t have to.” Charles is extremely focused towards a long term goal (to make the society accept the mutants) and all of his actions are directed towards achieving it. Towards this goal, he has a very visionary, idealistic approach. His being the most powerful brain on the planet also gives him the a fair idea of ‘what comes next’ as that kind of thought requires a calm and detailed analysis (Ni) than a quick and some-what impractical response (Ne). This gives him a bit of a mystic charm. Like Magneto, he has a very specific approach to problem solving, a fact which is often the root stressor of their disagreements. Continue reading

Ritchie – Pokemon: INFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ


Ritchie INFJ| Pokemon #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Ritchie always contemplates his next move instead of jumping straight into anything.  When he decided to search for the legendary Pokemon Lugia, he did extensive research on the Whirl Islands (where Lugia was rumored to be found) before even traveling to the area to look.  On arrival, he concentrated his search on the most likely areas to find Lugia.  He anticipates that his Pokeballs might get mixed up with those of other trainers, so he marks his own with stars as a precaution.  When Team Rocket tricks all Pokemon League participants into giving them their Pokeballs, Ritchie discovers their ploy with a very small sliver of information. Continue reading

Yoda: INFJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Star Wars

Yoda INFJ | Star Wars #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Yoda is future-focused, and encourages everyone else to be the same way.  He understands the consequences of failure in every circumstance (if Count Dooku is not apprehended, the Clone Wars will only be bloodier than they otherwise would, and his inability to kill Palpatine means that he has to go into hiding).  Yoda is very wary of the Dark Side, and teaches his pupils to banish all fear (“the path to the Dark Side”) to avoid any anger and hatred (full-fledged Dark Side emotions) down the line.  Since Anakin has already experienced a great deal of fear before the beginning of his training, Yoda is exceedingly cautious about granting him any status in the Jedi Order; he votes not to allow Anakin to be trained at all, and he seeks to mitigate any damage that Anakin could cause when Palpatine appoints him to the Jedi Council.  Yoda is patient about making up his mind, but he doesn’t necessarily need much information to do so, and he can infer a lot of facts from limited evidence; he figures out the Sith practice of the Rule of Two from a couple of skirmishes between Qui-Gon and Darth Maul.  After the sudden collapse of the Jedi Order, Yoda is content to rebuild it slowly, starting with Anakin’s children, who were born just after the Jedi were slaughtered en masse. Continue reading