Magnus Martinsson – Wallander: ISTP


Magnus Martinsen ISTP | Wallander MBTI

Dominant Ti: Magnus is a detail oriented person who doesn’t dwell too much on the big picture, but prefers to be working in the nitty-gritty bits rather than trying to solve the over-all case. He will frequently say things that he thinks are connected to the case, but are really just minute details. As a result, Wallander, who is big-picture oriented, gets very annoyed with him at times. As such, he’s a valuable asset in keeping track of all the minute details and evidence collection, but not so good with analysis. Facts always in Magnus’s head, and he doesn’t seem to dwell much on his emotions. He doesn’t talk more than he sees necessary and doesn’t overreact to anything ever. In fact, he leans toward the side of under-reacting, and as a result, can come of as cold and rude.

Magnus Martinsen ISTP | Wallander MBTI

Auxiliary Se: Magnus always knows what he could be doing instead of what he’s doing right now. He likes to complain about deadlines and gets annoyed when he feels like he’s not doing anything. He has to use people’s facial expressions in order to gauge their moods, and tends to be more accurate in his assessments when he does. Contrary to ISTP stereotypes, Magnus doesn’t have a field job –he has a desk job, but it’s clear that he is an action-oriented person. When Wallender is frozen up while his daughter is being threatened, Magnus jumps in with immediate action to save their lives. Magnus isn’t great with analyzing anything that he doesn’t have first hand experience with.

Magnus Martinsen ISTP | Wallander MBTI

Tertiary Ni: Magnus likes to try and come up with out-of-the-box solutions, but usually isn’t very successful. He likes symbolism and archetypes, and often mentions them to Wallander in attempt to cheer him up. Magnus isn’t usually the first to recognize the correct solutions to problems, but agrees readily when correct conclusions are presented. In other cases, he’s excellent at pointing out what’s wrong with a plan. “He’s right, you don’t have time.” etc. At times, Magnus is prone to making abrupt assumptions without evidence because he focuses on one detail and forgets to see the possibilities.

Magnus Martinsen ISTP | Wallander MBTI

Inferior Fe: Feelings aren’t Magnus’ strong point. He often dismisses the idea that people will feel bad about a death, and makes comments that disregard emotion in general. He doesn’t intentionally hurt other people’s feelings, but does so frequently by accident. When strong emotions come over him, he tends to keep them inside where other’s won’t notice them. He cares for other people, constantly asking whether or not Wallander is okay, but in general, Magnus doesn’t express open sentiment. After killing to protect Wallander’s daughter, Magnus remains silent.


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