Bard – The Hobbit: ISTP

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Bard ISTP | The Hobbit #MBTI #ISTP

Ti: Bard thinks quickly, silently, and on his feet. He’s analytical and able to make decisions in split seconds by comparing multiple angles in his head. Though he keeps most of his thought process to himself, he’s willing to step up and interrupt when people are getting irrational, and his influence is often able to prevent poor mob-mentality actions. He chooses his words carefully and uses them minimally.

Bard ISTP | The Hobbit #MBTI #ISTP

Se: Bard is well tuned to his physical environment and uses it to his advantage with only a spare moment’s notice. He pays attention to where his enemies are and places himself accordingly in order to achieve the quickest, most sure outcome. He’s coordinated, able to break people out of prison or shoot and never miss. He can react without notice in order to prevent dangers that go unforeseen by others. He has little fear, and regularly takes calculated risks in order to achieve immediate results.

Bard ISTP | The Hobbit #MBTI #ISTP

Ni: Though Bard lives primarily in the moment, he heeds future consequence and is constantly attentive to how events will proceed in heed of present events. He acts immediately to try to prevent potential dangers, be it by warning others against certain mentalities or by setting out to solve a problem that’s already raging while everyone else panics (a fire is raging, so I’m going to find a high spot and shoot the dragon).

Bard ISTP | The Hobbit #MBTI #ISTP

Fe: He is generally against cruelty and speaks out against individuals who try to harm others. He keeps his feelings to himself for the most part, but is good at gaging other people’s emotions to see how they will react to specific events. Despite Bard’s agility in a fight, he prefers to talk people out of threats to engaging them in battle. He’s always one for a compromise wherein all parties can be happy with the result.


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  1. I have noticed in this post, as well as your typing for almost all superheroes you have typed on this sight (with the exception of Captain America-ISFJ and Bruce Banner-INTP on the post that requested extra writers) have some sort of Se function, even for Batman and Iron Man where the function is inferior. This seems like a stereotype; only those with some form of Se can by physically skilled or coordinated. Being someone with a Si-Ne function, this is an undesirable stereotype and one that I hope is unfounded. Thank you for your time.


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