Cooper – Interstellar: ISTP


Interstellar MBTI - Cooper ISTP

Dominant Introverted Thinking (Ti): Fact and detail is utmost to Cooper, and he doesn’t appreciate it when people try to suggest that love, or ghosts can be quantified. Whether to save lives or question educational curriculum, he’s more than willing to ask harsh questions. He’s analytical and though not detached from his emotions, he’s unwilling to act based purely on emotion as a guide. He’s quick to make judgements that allow him to jump into action on short notice. Cooper loves knowledge and theory. By the end of the film, he’s able to make logical conclusions about his role in saving the people of earth that even TARS can’t logically figure out. (Because, unlike the Robot, he’s basing his logic on inward-facing rationality, rather than empirical data that can be collected and analysed).

Interstellar MBTI - Cooper ISTP

Auxiliary Extraverted Sensing (Se): Cooper is a pilot who relies on sensation to fly more than he does on technical theory or what he’s been taught. He isn’t afraid to try new and seemingly impossible maneuvers on the spur of the moment after quickly deeming them “necessary” (Ti). Likewise, he has complete confidence in his ability to pull such maneuvers off without practice/training (Se). Though he’d never admit it outright, he’s bored on his farm back home. When he arrives on Saturn’s moon base, he says he doesn’t care for pretending things are back to the way they were. Cooper lives in the present and cares only what he can do now to improve the future. He is often so focused in the now that he can stay calm to complete tasks requisite to save himself and others.

Interstellar MBTI - Cooper ISTP

Tertiary Introverted Intuition (Ni): Cooper is able to foresee (though not necessarily recognize that he’s foreseeing) potential dangers, but because his Ni is tertiary, his intuitions are often wrong (for instance, going to Mann rather than Edwards). His projectile is future oriented, though in the present, still always considering ways to get back to his children, and if not –to save them. He sees little potential for failure, and if he does, his Fe dismisses it. At times when other members of the crew are at their wits end, Cooper suggests out of the box solutions.

Interstellar MBTI - Cooper ISTP

Inferior Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Cooper cares more about others than he does himself. His first thoughts when in danger are never for himself, but for his family or for the human race as a whole. He cannot understand Dr. Brandt’s (the Michael Caine one) decision to lie and settle for establishing a human colony and leaving everyone on earth to die. To him, the people alive now are more important than future generations (SeFe vs NiFi).


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