Doctor Julia Ogden: ISFP

Guest Post by Fanta, INTJ

Murdoch Mysteries

Doctor Julia Ogden ISFP | Murdoch Mysteries #MBTI #ISFP

Dominant Fi: Doctor Julia Ogden is a progressive Victorian woman who dislikes the privileged society’s conventions and rigid values when it comes to women’s status. Her desire for independence and freedom of expression is a long-lasting source of conflict between her and her rational father. She often feels personally slighted when people don’t adopt her views of what’s right (e.g. she chastises Murdoch for not defending her in front of his superior). The causes she so vehemently defend (abortion, women’s suffrage) are closely tied to her personal experiences a Continue reading

Finn – Star Wars: ISFP

Guest Post by Jessica Prescott, INFJ

Star Wars:  The Force Awakens

Finn ISFP | Star Wars #MBTI #ISFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi):  Finn bases all his decisions on his personal, interior feelings about morality, rather than what he’s been taught.  He’s been raised since birth to be a Stormtrooper; but when his Stormtrooper training conflicts with what he personally feels to be right, he has absolutely no qualms about “kicking over the traces” and severing all connection with the First Order—even though it means leaving everything he’s ever known and having his former comrades call him a traitor.  Because he feels he has a duty to rescue Rey from Starkiller Base, he sees nothing wrong with blatantly lying to Leia and the other rebels in order to gain permission to do so.  Finn has strong emotions and knows exactly what he wants—for example, he develops a crush on Rey within five minutes of meeting her—but it’s not always as easy for him to gauge what she’s feeling.  For example, in the “Stop taking my hand!” scene, he doesn’t immediately stop when asked, because he hasn’t quite caught on yet that Rey wants her space. Continue reading

Oliver Twist: ISFP

Guest post by Kerissa, INFJ

Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist ISFP | Oliver Twist #MBTI #ISFP

Fi: Although Oliver was often taunted by Noah Claypole while both were in the undertaker’s service, he never retaliated until Claypole insulted his mother. When Oliver first meets Fagin, he believes he’s a good man because he seems to value hard work, which is in line with Oliver’s personal values. When he wakes at Mr. Brownlow’s and at the Maylies’, he desperately wants to show his gratitude and is in emotional agony until he becomes strong enough to do so. When with the thieves, he never tries to convince them they’re wrong. Instead, he focuses on keeping himself in line with his own morals, refusing to join them despite the fact he has nowhere else to go. He quickly comes to conclusions about people he meets, such as disliking Grimwig for his eccentric behavior despite the fact he’s Brownlow’s friend. He cares deeply for his friends and displays no interest in meeting people beyond them. His emotions (combined with mistreatment) can send him into faints and fevers with their intensity. Continue reading

Se-users: Do you talk with your Hands?

ComradeJocasta asked: Is it possible that upper-Se users might be more likely to gesture a lot when they speak?

I haven’t actually found much research on this topic. However, I’ve given it a bit of thought, and I’d like to hear everyone else’s thoughts as well.

My ESFP brother definitely is NOT a hand talker. However, he does have a strong need for touch and physical contact with people he’s comfortable around. Same goes for my ISFP room-mate.

Out of anyone in my family or friend group, I’m actually the one who talks most via my hands. However, I don’t necessarily attribute this to my Se function so much as to the fact that I’m relatively fluent in Sign Language. Before I learned Sign Language, I didn’t gesture at all when I spoke, but now talking and gesturing practically go hand in hand for me (wow, that was a terrible pun).

It’s the same with any language. As soon as you’re fluent in more than one language, and especially if you know more than two, it’s hard to force yourself not to blend the elements of each. At the same time, you also keep many elements very separate as well (for instance, I swear a lot more in German than I do in English).

Upper Se-users. Now is your time to talk! I’m interested to hear whether you talk with your hands.

Viktor Goldstein: ISFP

Generation War / Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter

Viktor Goldstein: ISfP | #generation war #MBTI #ISFP

Fi: Viktor is willing to sacrifice himself to save others, though he usually gets away unscathed. He is kind and gentle towards other people, and he often plays with insects that he finds on his journeys. Most of his emotions remain unspoken, and he doesn’t usually let many other people in on his inner life. Viktor’s sense of right and wrong differs not only from his parents’ but from the general Jewish population. He tends to disagree with any belief that stands merely because it has been societally accepted.
Continue reading

Lucien Carr: ISFP

 Kill Your Darlings

Lucien Carr ISFP | Kill Your Darlings #MBTI #ISFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi):  Lucien Carr was a rebellious, anti-establishment youth who detested commonality and tradition. Oft times, he was rebellious just for the sake of being differing from the norm, but also to make a statement against living a life that wasn’t your own. “Lu” Carr, as he was known, had a profound influence on everyone with whom he associated, among them, Allan Ginsberg, whom he taught all manner of crass vocabulary. Continue reading

Rubeus Hagrid: ISFP

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling

Rubius Hagrid ISFP | Harry Potter #MBTI #ISFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Hagrid takes a liking to everyone he meets, unless they give him some reason to be unlikeable.  He is immediately accepting of Ron and Hermione when Harry brings them over for tea, but he can’t stand Draco Malfoy, who is notorious as a bully and a bigot.  His compassion even extends to dangerous monsters (his pets have included dragons, giant man-eating spiders, and vicious three-headed dogs), and he often labors under the delusion that even the most bloodthirsty creatures in existence are, in fact, harmless.  Hagrid has an unshakable loyalty to Albus Dumbledore, and will physically attack anyone who dares to insult him, but that doesn’t stop him from criticizing Dumbledore to his face when he believes the Hogwarts headmaster is making a mistake.  Hagrid is very emotional, but he doesn’t like to show his feelings to anyone else; when he is found to be a descendant of giants, he retreats to his cabin for several weeks, brooding on his shame and embarrassment alone.  Hagrid takes it personally when Harry, Ron, and Hermione discontinue taking Care of Magical Creatures in their sixth year, and the three of them have to convince him that they are not actually snubbing him. Continue reading