Peter Parker: ISTP

The Amazing Spiderman

Peter Parker ISTP | Amazing Spiderman #MBTI #ISTP

Ti: Peter is good at figuring out how things work and though he can identify how to fix things around the house when they get broken, he doesn’t necessarily take action to do so. He doesn’t express his thoughts outwardly unless asked to do so and then he doesn’t always find the right words to say exactly what he means. Peter Parker ISTP | Amazing Spiderman #MBTI #ISTP

Se: Peter is very aware of his environment and isn’t often phased by danger. Even before he had Spidersense, he was riding about on a skateboard. He likes gadgets and creates plenty of ingenious pieces of equipment as well as making his own Spiderman suit. At times, he can make impulsive decisions (such as revealing he’s Spiderman to Gwen).

Peter Parker ISTP | Amazing Spiderman #MBTI #ISTP

Ni: Peter is innovative and good at finding out-of-the-box ways to accomplish his needs. Peter becomes obsessed by the question of his parents and is able to put together pieces of evidence to figure out why they left him. Often, he’s not able to figure out what he needs to do on his own and so he consults Gwen’d Auxiliary Ni for advice.

Peter Parker ISTP | Amazing Spiderman #MBTI #ISTP

Fe: Peter creates Spiderman with the intent to “provide a public service.” He often has a hard time expressing his emotions in words, but he desperately needs to do so. Though independent, he isn’t an individualist.

Sorry for those of you who are comic book folk –I just watch the movies…

Last I checked Funkymbtifiction had him listed as an INTP, but he just isn’t an Ne user.


One thought on “Peter Parker: ISTP

  1. I have absolutely no idea why u guys think he’s Ti dom, If we take him as when he’s spiderman and when he’s peter in the 2nd movie he looks obvious Se dom to me

    Se: Peter likes to live in the moment and enjoy his life he shows this when he gets back together with gwen at the end of the movie which was an impulsive decision, and tellin gwen that he’s spidey which was also an impulsive decision. Peter also has the Humor of a Se dom “Hello Pedestrians.” “You really think I’m a cop. In a skintight red and blue suit?”

    Ti: Peter is obvious Ti but not as much as he is Se, I think peter is aux Ti because he only uses his Ti when he needs while his Se is always showing in the way he does things and the way he expresses himself, Peter likes to figure out how things work and likes inventing new things we can also see how detached or how isolated he became when he was trying to figure out what happened to his parents.

    Fe: It was hard to decide if Peter was teriatary Fe or Teriatary Ni but I went with Fe, I think this because the reason peter started being spiderman in the first place was to provide a “public service”, he also thinks about others needs rather then his own such as when he was looking out for gwen in the second movie.

    Ni: The only part in the movies where I see peter using his Ni is when he’s trying to figure out what happened to his parents


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