Jadis (The White Witch): ENTJ

Guest Post by E. J., INTJ

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

Jadis, The White Witch ENTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ENTJ

Dominant TeJadis is, as others notice, “terribly practical.” She only focuses on what will work in the real world: ideas that cannot be implemented (and people who cannot be used) do not interest her. A very assertive woman, Jadis frequently gives direct commands and makes no attempt to soften her opinions for the ears of others. She has no moral qualms about lying, but her natural bluntness often limits her ability to deceive others. In attempting to corrupt Digory, she accidentally alerts him to the fact that he is being manipulated. She convinces the more vicious Narnian creatures to join her side through bribery. By the time she attempts to corrupt Edmund, Jadis has resorted to using magic food to essentially drug anyone she needs to control. Continue reading

xNTJs with ADHD

Amanda asked: I read your post on traumatized INTJ, which I most certainly have been. I feel I was dead inside until I developed my Fi to be a good mommy to my sweet baby boy (who is now working on his PhD). I have also endured Attention Deficit Disorder most of my life. I have read in an ADHD book “Scattered” (Gabor Mate MD) that ADD can be properly understood as a dissociative condition and ADHD as an attachment/anxiety condition. Basically, trauma responses.  I took medication for ADD for a few years, recently. The beneficial effects on my life were profound, and some of them were permanent. I’ve only recently become more interested in MBTI, and I think ADD is pretty ironic in relationship to my being a J. I’m a J, but the part of my brain that can ‘do’ J, the prefrontal cortex, was more or less off-line, forcing me to live the life of a P! It’s as if ADD made me a failed INTJ. Not quite the shadow perhaps, as I’m a solid introvert. I was just curious if you’d ever thought of MBTI in relationship to this disorder, or perhaps any of the cluster B personality disorders. (Which I don’t have, but Cluster Bs were the origin of my trauma.)

Several semesters ago, I had an English professor who is an ENTJ with ADHD, and it was a thrill for me to be a part of her class. Here are my thoughts.

Being an xNTJ will likely determine how you think about things. ADD/ADHD will not necessarily change that thought process, but it will definitely interrupt it. What I typically observe happening as a result is that you will come to conclusions the same way that most other xNTJs would, but while you are coming to those conclusions, you will be distracted by other things that wouldn’t necessarily distract INTJs who don’t have ADD/ADHD.

As a result, your behaviour may be different than the behaviour of other INTJs, specifically with regards to your Te and Se functions. Your NiTe ability to focus will be different. You will always have your eyes on your Ni goal, but your Te may not necessarily keep you consistently working towards it. Your Se may be more easily distracted by things in your physical environment. etc. etc.

I know this was brief, but I hope it answered your question.


Ragnar Lothbrok: ENTJ

Guest post by Fanta, INTJ

Vikings (2013)

Ragnar Lothbrok ENTJ | Vikings 2013 #MBTI #ENTJ

Dominant Te: Ragnar Lothbrok is a serious and focused leader who is quick to retort and act to gain the upper hand when things do not go his way. He is a pioneer in his own right, and fully organised a raid to England (using improved technologies) even before getting approval from Earl Haraldson, whose denial of his wish to raid the west promptly caused Ragnar to question his authority. His peers quickly rally under his command, and whoever questions his plans, such as his brother Rollo, gets a firm retort that closes the door to discussion. Even during celebrations, Ragnar never relaxes, instead observing the people he does not trust, and planning his next move to deal with those who may be a threat to his Ni vision. Continue reading

Gary Oak: ENTJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Gary Oak ENTJ |Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Gary is results-oriented to the core.  In the time it takes Ash to catch around forty Pokemon, Gary catches over 200.  He wins ten badges for the Indigo Pokemon League, even though only eight are required for entry.  Rather than giving all his Pokemon equal training time, he concentrates on the ones that have given him the best results.  Gary does not travel alone early on; instead he travels in a car, delegating the responsibility of transportation (and maybe other responsibilities as well) to others.  Gary always manages to be one step ahead of his peers while journeying; Ash, while traveling through Kanto and Johto, sees or hears how far ahead of him Gary would be whenever he thinks he’s doing well.  He always has the relevant information ready for every task he attempts.  As a young boy, Gary is responsible enough to be entrusted with tasks beyond the capacity of most adults, such as holding guard at Lake Valor to protect the legendary Pokemon Azelf. Continue reading

Darry Curtis: ENTJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Darry is a consummate leader.  Having stepped in as the legal guardian to his two younger brothers, he easily lays down and enforces ground rules.  Although the greasers have no “leader,” official or not, it is Darry who takes up the mantle most often, as he remains cool and logical even when fists are flying all around him.  He desperately wants Ponyboy to succeed in life, and puts a great deal of pressure on him to stay out of trouble and keep his grades up.  Having eschewed the more mainstream road to gain status (a college education), he instead engages in fighting, an activity at which he excels, and which guarantees him social standing among the greasers.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Darry has a singular focus: he wants Ponyboy to go to college and escape poverty.  All of the rules he sets for Ponyboy are there to prevent him from either getting poor grades or being put in a home for orphaned boys: the two things that could most easily derail his plan.  Darry carefully makes life decisions based on the long-term consequences of his actions; alone of the greasers, he abstains from smoking cigarettes so as to avoid any adverse health effects down the road. Continue reading

Edmund Pevensie: ENTJ

Guest Post by E.J., INTJ

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis


Dominant Te: Edmund takes a logical approach to life, and he hates it when others try to control him. At the beginning of the series, he uses his combination of NiTe to manipulate other people, including his older siblings. He sometimes misses social cues in his effort to analyze the evidence: for instance, in the Beavers’ house, he asks whether the Witch could turn Aslan to stone, which shocks and offends the others present. In joining the Witch’s side, Continue reading

Jessie – Pokemon: ENTJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Pokemon Anime Franchise

Jessie ENTJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENTJ

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Jessie is a domineering woman who controls her teammates, James and Meowth, with an iron fist.  She is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to snare a valuable Pokemon or several for her boss, and ruthless in her drive to carry them out.  More than James or Meowth, Jessie can separate her emotions from the job she wants (or has) to do; several times, she finds herself in a position where she has to rely Continue reading