Dustfinger – Inkheart: ISTP

Inkheart, Cornelia Funke

Dustfinger ISTP | Infheart MBTI

Dominant Ti: Dustfinger is very logical and doesn’t ever share his thoughts with others. The fewer words he says, the better he feels and he gets annoyed by constant chatter. He’s used to being a loner to the point that he doesn’t always recognise that he’s lonely. He shuts other people out at first, coldly telling them to go away. He loves Resa, but when he discovers that her feelings aren’t mutual, he stands back without a second thought. Dustfinger doesn’t like anyone else to be in control of his life, and when he meets Fenoglio (his maker), he panics. Dustfinger likes to think himself impartial when it comes to disagreements, and on the outside, he seems that way.

Dustfinger ISTP | Infheart MBTI

Auxiliary Se: Dustfinger is quite nimble. He knows how to manoeuvre his physical environment quickly and easily. He’s able to pick locks, steal things unnoticed and though he’s not one for hand-to-hand combat so much, he’s a pro at running away far and fast. Dustfinger loves to play with fire even though it burns him. In his past life, he worked as an entertainer (juggler, fire-eater) and when he first meets Meggie, he puts on a show for her. Whenever Dustfinger thinks about his past, he thinks about it only in terms of sensory experience, and hardly ever considers interpretations of events.

Dustfinger ISTP | Infheart MBTI

Tertiary Ni: Dustfinger is pretty cunning when it comes down to it. He intuitively recognises who will or won’t help him to get what he wants and picks the people who will. For instance, he knows that Mo and Elinor won’t help him, so he befriends Meggie to get her to gather information for him. There is one thing that Dustfinger wants and he does everything that he can to get it, never once really getting distracted from that course.

Dustfinger ISTP | Infheart MBTI

Inferior Fe: Dustfinger thinks of himself as a coward. He doesn’t always understand his feelings, but he’s quite tuned to other people’s feelings (though he’s reluctant to admit it). He feels bad for the troubles of even the people who dislike and hate him. He needs companionship in his loneliness and keeps Gwin with him even when he refuses to accept the companionship of people.

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