Katza – Graceling: ISTP


Ti: Katsa’s survival skills are enhanced by her studies and knowledgeability. Katsa’s nature is serious, but her worldview and logic aren’t based on the same logic as the rest of the world’s. She doesn’t always catch on to people’s jokes and tends to take things too seriously. She isn’t afraid to voice uncomfortable questions, as she tends to be rather detached. She doesn’t talk about her thoughts where she doesn’t have to and doesn’t really enjoy social settings.

Se: Katsa tests her body to the limits, and even studies it to understand it better. Katsa is built to survive, be it through the awareness of her physical world or through her physical abilities. She’s impulsive and doesn’t always plan out her actions before she carries them out. She likes new physical experiences and lets himself get carried away with Po.

Ni: She knows perfectly well that she’s capable of killing people by reflex, and to avoid this, she tries to predict her opponents moves. She’s reluctant to trust people at first, and tends to be a bit judgmental. She’s good at pinpointing problems with plans and can visualize what she needs to do to get to where she wants to be.

Fe: She tends to jump to assumptions about people based on stereotypes. She doesn’t want to hurt people, and has to come to terms with her abilities. She tends to repress her emotions and doesn’t really understand them. Instead of facing them, she engages in various physical activities to get her mind off of them.

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  1. Why must interesting concepts go to waste? And what causes YA authors to so blatantly not care about creating a piece of art? *melancholic sigh*


  2. Ahh, you read this book? Did you suffer much?

    speaking of awful books I wonder what MBTI types Bella and Edward are


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