Boromir: ESTJ

Guest Post by E. J., INTJ

Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien


Dominant Te: Boromir is eager to lead other people. When Faramir wanted to go to Rivendell to learn the meaning of a strange dream (which Faramir had dreamed frequently, but Boromir had only dreamed once), Boromir insisted that he was more capable of making the journey than Faramir. Given that both of them were mature war leaders, the more likely explanation is that Boromir simply wanted to take charge of the situation. Faramir suspects that a rivalry would have sprung up between Aragorn and Boromir if Boromir had lived longer: regardless of whether Boromir claimed to accept Aragorn’s right to the throne, learning to defer to another man would have been difficult for him. Boromir can be very blunt, and he does not mind interrupting other people–even Gandalf–if he disagrees with them or thinks they are misrepresenting the facts. Boromir prefers to make his decisions using strictly empirical evidence, which sometimes brings him into conflict with the Ti-based choices of Gandalf and Aragorn. Continue reading


Dr. Lisa Cuddy: ESTJ

House MD

Arthur Goring ENTP | An Ideal Husband MBTI

Te: Cuddy is an organizer who likes to be in charge, thus the never ending power struggle between herself and House. She prioritizes her time and is a bit of a workaholic, though certainly not to the point of House. That said, she’s also pro at delegating. Before committing to any medicinal procedure, she asks House for evidence. Her primary focus is on getting things done and shows care by doing things for people. She keeps House at the hospital primarily for his usefulness (that’s the only reason she doesn’t fire him). She’s also fairly unaffected by House’s sexist remarks. Continue reading

Princess Leia Organa: ESTJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

Star Wars

Princess Leia ESTJ | Star Wars #MBTI #ESTJ

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Leia never misses an opportunity to take charge of any situation; she even takes command of a rescue mission when she is the one being rescued!  She is a no-nonsense organizer who is completely comfortable commanding soldiers on the front lines of a war.  Leia speaks and acts in a direct fashion; she doesn’t mince her words when she has an opinion, and her first instinct on seeing stormtroopers enter her room is to shoot at them.  She is even direct when she is being stealthy; when disguising herself to sneak into Jabba’s palace and demanding a high price for delivering Chewbacca to him, she convinces Jabba to accept it by threatening his life. Continue reading

Earl Haraldson: ESTJ

Guest post by Fanta, INTJ

Vikings (2013)

Earl Haraldson ESTJ | Vikings 2013 #MBTI #ESTJ

Dominant Te: Earl Haraldson’s motivation is the establishment and respect of his authority. He is chiefly concerned about his power and social status in Kattegat, and will take action swiftly to keep the order and ascertain his dominance. When Ragnar challenges him publicly about exploring the West, he immediately perceives his ambitious behaviour as a threat to himself and stubbornly refuses to go with this plan, a fact he later confesses to his wife. He sends spies, attempts to salvage his authority by Continue reading

Dean Winchester: ESTJ

Guest post by Occam’s Chainsaw, INTJ


Dean Winchester ESTJ | Supernatural #MBTI #ESTJ

Te: Dean always wants to follow a well-known pattern, as though he was solving all cases ‘by the book’. Dean always makes a detailed plan, which he uses later to catch the monster he and his brother are chasing. He rationally structures the world around him, all the while concentrating on efficiency. He likes to control his environment, which he also did even back when he was a little child—he would always tell Sam what to do, how to behave, what to believe, etc. Out of Sam and Dean, Continue reading

Peter Pevensie: ESTJ

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis

Peter Pevensie ESTJ | The Chronicles of Narnia #MBTI #ESTJ

Te: Peter likes to be in charge, whether it’s of his siblings or of a kingdom in Narnia. When he goes home to the real world, Peter has a hard time adjusting to not being in charge of large numbers of people. He misses it. Peter is extremely reluctant to accept Lucy’s stories of Narnia when she first presents them, and has to have physical evidence to believe her. Continue reading

Bryan Mills: ESTJ


Bryan Mills ESTJ: Taken MBTI

Te: Bryan is a man of action, and not the spontaneous kind –precise, calculated action. He likes to schedule out his life (and other people’s) and prefers to have a plan for everything. His decisions are rooted in logic, and he can set aside emotion to do what is necessary in tough situations. In any crisis, his first response is to root out the most direct Continue reading