Jean-Francois Mercier – Spies of Warsaw: ISTP

Spies of Warsaw

Spies of Warsaw ISTP MBTI

Dominant Ti: Facts are important to Jean-Francois, but he values the logic of it more. He is put off when the military stops listening to his reports to rely on intuiting, but isn’t perturbed but having to step in and ask uncomfortable questions in order to find answers. Though he often acts based on his emotions, he tends to be rather detached, and often regrets his decisions the morning after. Yet somehow, he’s analytical and detached, even with Anna. He doesn’t deal well with other people’s emotional turmoil and asks  Anna to leave her husband because he doesn’t like dealing with the fact that she is torn between two men. Where possible, he is a man of few words and doesn’t particularly enjoy social parties. He is quick to draw conclusions about situations, allowing him to jump quickly into action.

Spies of Warsaw ISTP MBTI

Auxiliary Se: He’s excellent in a fight, and when asked if he would like a desk job, Jean-Francois turns it down in favour of being a spy. He is very aware of his environment and attentively looks for opportunities to use it to quick advantage when in a scrape. When captured, he notices gasoline leaking from his enemies’ car and uses it to create an explosion and achieve an escape. He’s relatively fearless in danger, always calm, even when a gun is pointed to his head. He’s adaptable and can switch plans without notice, improvising moment-to-moment. He values beautiful things, and has frequent one-night stands that he often later regrets. He acts quickly in everything that he does, whether it’s jumping into action in war or pursuing a woman he hardly knows.

Spies of Warsaw ISTP MBTI

Tertiary Ni: Jean-Francois can occasionally predict what will come about in the future and doesn’t appreciate it when others don’t take his predictions seriously. At the same time, his intuition never comes before his logic. He is good at figuring out how to use new equipment (such as a video camera) and knows how to hot-wire a car. He doesn’t spend much time considering other people’s points of view, but rather weights logical options to decide upon a course of action.

Spies of Warsaw ISTP MBTI

Inferior Fe: Jean-Francois doesn’t always know how to properly handle other people’s emotions, and he’s relatively detached from his own feelings. Despite this, he cares about the people he works with and does everything he can to protect them. The more he cares about a person, the harder it is for him to cope with rejection. Though he is first and for most rational, he can play himself up as charming and pleasant when he needs to.


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