Haymitch Abernathy: ISTP

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Other factors to keep in mind: PTSD


Dominant Ti: Haymitch doesn’t talk much about his thoughts, and when he does, he has always fully fleshed out his ideas before he speaks. He gets annoyed with Katniss’s tendency to make decisions based on her emotions and doesn’t always like to include her on all the planning as a result. Rather, he instructs her on how to get out of dangerous situations by dropping brief, often unspoken hints. He doesn’t react emotionally when Katniss asks him not to allow Peeta to volunteer in his place. Haymitch doesn’t use his emotions to solve problems, but prefers to analyze the problems from a detached standpoint before taking action. Haymitch analyses everyone else’s words and logic and is can be blunt in making fun of their judgement.

Haymitch ISTP| The Hunger Games MBTI

Auxiliary Se: Haymitch is incredibly tuned to his environment. In his games, he jumps into action while all the other tributes are distracted by the cornucopia’s aesthetic appeal. Rather than simply observing his environment, he uses it to his advantage, first observing that the force field bounces back at tributes and then using it against them to win the games. He watches people’s facial expression to determine their emotions. Haymitch as an appreciation for culture, which allows him to fit into the Capital when he wants to, but under stress, he wallows in his pain by drinking and not doing much with his existence. Haymitch takes advantage of and searches for opportunities and seizes upon them with all due efficiency.

Haymitch ISTP| The Hunger Games MBTI

Tertiary Ni: Haymitch is good at recognizing potential problems. Though he isn’t much of a people person himself, Haymitch understands the importance of pretending to like them and points out this flaw in Katniss. Haymitch is good at using symbolism and many of the messages he sends to Katniss in the arena are simply images that she must interpret. Haymitch has a potential for recognizing the future before it happens and as a result, he is often ten steps ahead of everyone else. He is insightful with regards to people and can see straight through lies.

Haymitch ISTP| The Hunger Games MBTI

Inferior Fe: Haymitch is pretty detached from his emotions and uses alcohol to drown them out. At times, he’s unable to understand or handle his emotions and reacts in anger. He invests himself emotionally in Katniss and Peeta and is willing to protect them with his life. He carries a great deal of pain from the tributes that he has mentored and lost throughout the years. Haymitch knows how to be charming when he has to and gets irritated when Katniss can’t bring herself to do the same.

I’ve seen him typed as an INTP, but I think Haymitch shows more SeNi than NeSi. The main difference lies in the fact that people confuse his Fe knowledge of other people and observance of his environment as Ne and then rationalize that because he gives advice based on experience that he uses Si.

People also make the assumption that because he can’t get over past trauma that he’s an Si user, but realize that he has PTSD, which automatically makes sufferers focus obsessively on the past in negative ways. However, if you keep in mind the fact that he has PTSD, you’ll notice that he’s incredibly tuned to his environment (Se).


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