Rose MacClare: ESFP

Downton Abbey

Rose McClare ESFP | Downton Abbey MBTI

Se: Rose loves dancing and partying and doesn’t enjoy the slowness of Downton. She wants to live in the moment, doesn’t really plan ahead but doesn’t have a problem with surprises. She is highly stimulated by her surroundings, particularly when the setting is lively and there’s music playing. Rose loves spontaneity and beauty and enjoys a good chance to Continue reading

Thomas Barrow: INTJ

Downton Abbey

Factors to keep in mind: Possible mild PTSD and/or depression

Thomas Barrow INTJ Downton Abbey MBTI

Dominant Ni: Unlike most INTJs, Thomas doesn’t have a grand life-goal (sign of an unhealthy INTJ, because the grand goal is a major piece of the dominant function). He can predict the future extremely accurately and always plans ahead to keep himself safe from danger. He understands other people pretty well, and uses this to manipulate them. He’s a snoop who likes to figure people’s secrets out Continue reading

Sybil Crawley: INFP

Downton Abbey

Sybil INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Sybil has a strong moral drive, which stems from within herself rather than what she observes in others (she’s an awesome feminist). She’s very careful to be certain that an action is right before she pursues it, thus her slowness to accept Tom as a romantic interest. At the same time, she doesn’t really care about her social image or Continue reading

Isobel Crawley: ENFJ

Downton Abbey

Isobel Crawley ENFJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Fe: Isobel loves to help people, and tends to involve herself in pretty much everything in order to benefit others. She’s incredibly accommodating over her servants she gains her energy from doing things to help other people. She turns Downton into a veteran hospital and then does everything she can to make sure it’s in order. She has Continue reading

Anna Bates: INFP

Downton Abbey

Anna Bates INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Anna keeps her suffering to herself. She doesn’t want to convict the man who raped her because she doesn’t want anyone to know what happened to her. She even keeps it a secret from her husband. Anna is loving towards everyone, but doesn’t allow anyone to boss her about or control her behaviour. When something is important to Anna, she devotes all her time and energy to it. Continue reading

Edith Crawley: ISFP

Downton Abbey

Edith Crawley ISFP | Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Edith is deeply emotional, though reluctant to share her suffering with even the people who are closest to her. She often feels that no one appreciates her and that she is an outsider in her own home. She sometimes has a difficult time paying attention to other people’s feelings because she’s so zeroed in on her own problems. She acts according to the beliefs that seem most authentically right to her and doesn’t ever ask for permission before Continue reading

Charles Carson: ISTJ

Downton Abbey

Carson ISTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Si: Carson values tradition and doesn’t particularly like change. He’s reluctant to accept people who diverge from society’s norms, though he’s capable of doing so when he has to. He’s reluctant to talk about or confront his past, though it’s clear he remembers it well and thinks about it often. He’s got a sentimental side that shows through especially in his love for Mary and his comments after Sybil dies. Carson doesn’t like having surprises dropped in on him, but prefers forewarning. Continue reading

Matthew Crawley: INFP

Downton Abbey

Mathew Crawley INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Mathew makes all of his choices according to his own feelings and internal moral code. He isn’t swayed in the least by Mary’s logic and he often disagrees with her on what is right. She wants harmony for everyone [Fe], while he wants live according to the beliefs that seem most authentically right to him [Fi]. At first, he resists conforming to the new society he finds Continue reading

Mary Crawley: ENTJ

Downton Abbey

Mary Crawley ENTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Dominant Te: Mary doesn’t like to rely on her emotions to solve problems and often doesn’t even give her emotions credit. She is consistently trying to improve things by taking the initiative in running the estate. Mary likes to be in charge of people and situations and hates it when her father doesn’t trust her to do things because she’s a woman. She doesn’t hesitate Continue reading