Matthew Crawley: INFP

Downton Abbey

Mathew Crawley INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Mathew makes all of his choices according to his own feelings and internal moral code. He isn’t swayed in the least by Mary’s logic and he often disagrees with her on what is right. She wants harmony for everyone [Fe], while he wants live according to the beliefs that seem most authentically right to him [Fi]. At first, he resists conforming to the new society he finds himself in, but as he sees the value of allowing everyone to fulfil their parts, he begins to allow Mosley to serve him.

Mathew Crawley INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Ne: Matthew has loads of new ideas about how to improve Downton and though he’s adamant about upholding his own ideas, he’s willing to accept other people’s views. He’s pretty intuitive about people and is able to know (without being conscious of why) when people’s motives aren’t in his/Mary’s best interest. Unlike many people, he truly believes in Mary’s potential to become better and is extremely forgiving of her fallacies.

Mathew Crawley INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Si: While Matthew is incredibly forgiving of Mary, he has a hard time letting go of mistakes that he made himself. He doesn’t just have a hard time forgiving those mistakes however –he thinks about them constantly, allowing them to interweave their way into his every action. He has a hard time adjusting to Downton traditions, but isn’t rooted in the past so much that he can’t eventually make the adjustment.

Mathew Crawley INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Te: Matthew is successful in the areas of business and has a firm desire to organise Downton to run more efficiently. He’s good at keeping time and knows how to prioritise so that he can get everything done. When Matthew decides what he wants, he remains fixed upon the decision and does not waver.


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