Anna Bates: INFP

Downton Abbey

Anna Bates INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Anna keeps her suffering to herself. She doesn’t want to convict the man who raped her because she doesn’t want anyone to know what happened to her. She even keeps it a secret from her husband. Anna is loving towards everyone, but doesn’t allow anyone to boss her about or control her behaviour. When something is important to Anna, she devotes all her time and energy to it.

Anna Bates INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Ne: Anna is always looking at the big-picture implications behind her decisions. Under stress, this means she’s prone to catastrophising all the worst possible outcomes. At other times, she’s an incredible optimist (much more so than Bates) and she’s able to see herself getting through anything. She understands most people intuitively and often warns people to be careful around Thomas or helps encourages them to achieve their goals. She readily offers advice to Mary when she asks for it. She sees the potential in everyone, both the good and the bad.

Anna Bates INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Si: Anna doesn’t focus too much on the past except when it comes to trauma –then it becomes nearly impossible for her to let go of. Anna loves the comforts of home and enjoys settling in to her cottage with her husband. However, when dealing with the trauma following her sexual assault, she finds herself unable to stay there, and moves back to the house.

Anna Bates INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Te: Anna can be very task oriented when she sets her mind to accomplishing something, but all her actions are fueled by her inner feelings. She’s reliable and doesn’t stop pursuing her goals until she sees them through to the end. She understands the value of information and is careful what she shares and doesn’t share. She’s also good at picking apart empirical evidence to prove her husband’s innocence.


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