Mary Crawley: ENTJ

Downton Abbey

Mary Crawley ENTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Dominant Te: Mary doesn’t like to rely on her emotions to solve problems and often doesn’t even give her emotions credit. She is consistently trying to improve things by taking the initiative in running the estate. Mary likes to be in charge of people and situations and hates it when her father doesn’t trust her to do things because she’s a woman. She doesn’t hesitate to step up and criticize other people’s logic or come up with creative ways to make her opinions known. Mary doesn’t care about details so much as she does about whether things things are running smoothly. She tends to be analytical of both herself and her situation.

Mary Crawley ENTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Auxiliary Ni: Mary often gets annoyed with chatter. She has dreams for the future, a specific vision of the man she wants to marry and cannot be happy when she doesn’t see a straight course for achieving that future. At times, she sarcastically uses symbolism to portray her feelings and opinions. Mary’s conclusions about her actions are often far more realistic than other people’s, and she tends to be very hard on herself. Mary sees life in terms of the big picture, except when she’s depressed (then it’s Se everything).

Mary Crawley ENTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Tertiary Se: Mary can nearly always think of something she’d rather be doing, no matter the situation. In general, she’s very good at being bored. At times, she makes poor decisions in the moment, but her analytical side makes it so that she is able to learn from them. At the same time, she also has the ability to take charge of unexpected events, which allows her to keep her life in check. She trusts what she has experienced herself and relays that experience in attempting to advise her sisters. She enjoys sports, particularly riding and hunting. She has a taste for beautiful things, particularly beautiful clothes, and she believes manners to be very important.

Mary Crawley ENTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Inferior Fi: Mary frequently questions whether she has a heart at all, but she’s more in tune with her feelings than other people’s. At times, she is capable of deep depression. She refuses to change her self-image regardless of what other people tell her. She has several select people that she confides in and she often asks them for affirmation of her decisions, but otherwise she keeps her inner-life to herself. Because she’s not incredibly introspective, she doesn’t have a deep sense of morality.

Loads of people stereotype Mary as an INTJ, but I see a bit too much Te in her to be an INTJ. She’s something of a pseudo extravert.


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