Rose MacClare: ESFP

Downton Abbey

Rose McClare ESFP | Downton Abbey MBTI

Se: Rose loves dancing and partying and doesn’t enjoy the slowness of Downton. She wants to live in the moment, doesn’t really plan ahead but doesn’t have a problem with surprises. She is highly stimulated by her surroundings, particularly when the setting is lively and there’s music playing. Rose loves spontaneity and beauty and enjoys a good chance to pretend. She enjoys pretending to be lower class just so that she can get involved in a more lively lifestyle. She’s a flirt who jumps at the opportunity to interact with the opposite gender.

Rose McClare ESFP | Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: She acts based on how she feels about things in the moment (Se influence). She is agitated by the traditions and norms of society and deliberately rebels against them in any way she can, whether it’s dressing up as a servant or trying to marry a black man. She has a hard time understanding why other people don’t always love the same things that she does, and doesn’t always consider how her actions will impact others.

Rose McClare ESFP | Downton Abbey MBTI

Te: Rose is a person of action. She’s not the most logical of people, but everything she does is done with the aim of pursuing a larger collective action. When she sees something she wants, she goes after it with little hesitation. She acts on all her ideas rather than merely collecting them.

Rose McClare ESFP | Downton Abbey MBTI

Ni: Rose can picture herself doing certain things and sees no possibility of failing, even when logically, failure is inevitable due to the social norms of the time. She doesn’t usually recognise the long-term consequences that will result from her action and as a result, doesn’t always carry her plans through with care.


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