Thomas Barrow: INTJ

Downton Abbey

Factors to keep in mind: Possible mild PTSD and/or depression

Thomas Barrow INTJ Downton Abbey MBTI

Dominant Ni: Unlike most INTJs, Thomas doesn’t have a grand life-goal (sign of an unhealthy INTJ, because the grand goal is a major piece of the dominant function). He can predict the future extremely accurately and always plans ahead to keep himself safe from danger. He understands other people pretty well, and uses this to manipulate them. He’s a snoop who likes to figure people’s secrets out and control things from behind the scenes. He sometimes gets a bit too caught up in his visions and pursues them desperately without always asking whether his plans will work indefinitely.

Thomas Barrow INTJ Downton Abbey MBTI

Auxiliary Te: Thomas organises other people to do his dirty work for him, collecting information for his use. He’s always working towards improving his situation through action. All the questions he asks involve information that he sees a direct use for. He strategizes to achieve his goals and thinks through most his decisions logically before acting on them (and if he doesn’t it’s bad news for him). He likes to be in charge and takes pride as his status rises in the household.

Thomas Barrow INTJ Downton Abbey MBTI

Tertiary Fi: Thomas doesn’t talk about his feelings very often, and when he does, it’s usually only when he sees a necessity for it. He accepts his faults and does what he can to face them. He views himself as an outsider and when he’s younger however, he takes out his resentment by bullying other people. He has a hard time understanding other people’s feelings, but as he matures, he makes an effort to be kinder. He makes friends with other people who where similar experiences to him.

Thomas Barrow INTJ Downton Abbey MBTI

Inferior Se: At times, Thomas acts on spur of the moment impulses, and when he does he usually gets into trouble. He’s a risk taker who’s good at making quick decisions (unless they involve his emotions) and he knows how to take opportunities as he sees them. When he’s under stress, he gets desperate and falls for other people’s schemes.

4 thoughts on “Thomas Barrow: INTJ

  1. I was also thinking about the same thing!….the possibility of Thomas being an ISFP….either unhealthy, or in a shadow (INTJ shadow) or something (loop, grip, etc)….

    Well, I could be wrong but here’s my reasoning , but please please think alot about it & tell me what you think (Cruz he’s my favorite character EVER! & I relate to him a lot!)

    Well, Thomas is gay & open-minded, but he’s living in a very conservative close-minded place called Downton Abbey!
    He was pushed around & was treated in a bad way.
    Others view him as a outsider.
    (& also he’s an introvert)
    He always felt rejected & betrayed! He was different….& lonely!
    While most of DA ppl were in good relationships & felt loved, he was left out, lonely & he was always rejected.
    Others had friends, but he couldn’t get close to ppl because of his secrets!

    & in those days, being gay was against the law & had punishment. Plus, most ppl weren’t really accepting & felt disgusted by these things.
    So, he kind of had to/needed to be a private person & keep quite for his own safety! (So he could be Fi or Fe)

    He could end up losing his job & going to jail if he was more open about himself! He couldn’t risk it! & he himself was ashamed of who he was!

    & I think due to all those things, he’s kinda depressed too!

    Cuz “he constantly struggles between what he’d like to be and what he’s allowed to be!”
    He wants to be himself, but he’s not allowed to, he can’t, so he has to act different !

    Probably, he could be happier if he lived in a more open/supportive place!

    But he doesn’t sound like a real INTJ (shadow maybe, but not real INTJ.

    Others can betray him easily, so while he thinks he’s really wise, he’s not. He doesn’t have enough Ni to predict it. (& he doesn’t have Dom Se to see it).

    he still has lotsa emotion & cares about the fact that he’s left out & no one likes him, he just doesn’t know how to get others to love him.
    Plus he sometimes acts emotional or makes emotional/irrational decisions!

    He has sensory hobbies like travelling to London.
    & he’s not really bad at sports.

    Also, he’s not the mastermind, O’brian is! he just wants to improve!
    So, O’Brian makes plans & tells him what to do to improve, & he does it! He always needs another person to plan/decide for him & after O’Brian he brings Baxter!

    & he doesn’t really have a natural Te (or J-ness). He works at downtown & he needs to be organized at his job if he wants to keep it! But he doesn’t organize ppl r other things & he’s not a leader type.

    &….INTJ has inf Se. But while he doesn’t have dom Se, aux or tert Se sounds possible for him.
    When he’s extremely devestated, he gets sad & more depressed & he cries. (I think this sounds like inf Fe (ISTP) (not sure about ISFP here, or maybe it’s Ni-Fi loop that gets depressed & sees the worst possibilities!!!

    Also, he tries to change his sexuality in one season. a truly healthy & confident INTJ wouldn’t do that.

    So….I think he’s either ISFP, or ISTP in a loop/grip/depressed mood, etc!

    What do you think?
    Plz answer!


    • I definitely see your point with the lack of dom Ni, but there’s also the possibility of him being an INTJ in his grip functions (which is what I initially thought).

      However, when Downton Abbey is next on, I’ll do a re-evaluation of his character and consider whether or not to change it.

      If he is an INTJ, we know for sure that he’s not a healthy one. I can tell you he’s definitely not an ISTP though. He’s got way too much of a Te-mouth for that.

      A word of caution when it comes to future typing: be careful not to make sweeping generalisations (such as, he must be an F-type because he sometimes gets emotional. T-types get emotional and can have just as much emotion as F-types. It’s merely the order of their cognitive functions we’re considering, not necessarily, the amount of emotion or lack thereof that we’re pondering on).


    • The likelihood is slight. What I see in him is an INTJ who often gets caught in the grip of his lower functions, but he uses his NiTe much more than an unhealthy ISFP would.


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