Charles Carson: ISTJ

Downton Abbey

Carson ISTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Si: Carson values tradition and doesn’t particularly like change. He’s reluctant to accept people who diverge from society’s norms, though he’s capable of doing so when he has to. He’s reluctant to talk about or confront his past, though it’s clear he remembers it well and thinks about it often. He’s got a sentimental side that shows through especially in his love for Mary and his comments after Sybil dies. Carson doesn’t like having surprises dropped in on him, but prefers forewarning.

Carson ISTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Te: Carson cares about the facts, and has a hard time accepting things without evidence. He has low tolerance for incompetence and doesn’t like to talk to people when they’re highly emotional. He’s quick to dish out punishment for wrong-doings and cares most about keeping Downton running efficiently. Carson expects his subordinates to follow the established rules, and justice is very important to him.

Carson ISTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Carson is extremely loyal to the people he loves and does everything he can to make sure that Lady Mary is happy. His actions always embody his personal moral beliefs and he is rarely swayed by other people’s opinions about fairness or morality. Carson dislikes talking about his emotions and often leaves the room whenever he sees an emotional situation beginning to escalate.

Carson ISTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Ne: Carson can see all the possible directions in which the changing times could move, and is somewhat afraid of it. He understands people pretty well, though at times he can judge them wrongly. In general, Carson is more forgiving of people’s faults after he has known them for many years because he doesn’t get to know them intuitively (Ne), but through experience (Si dom).


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