Isobel Crawley: ENFJ

Downton Abbey

Isobel Crawley ENFJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Fe: Isobel loves to help people, and tends to involve herself in pretty much everything in order to benefit others. She’s incredibly accommodating over her servants she gains her energy from doing things to help other people. She turns Downton into a veteran hospital and then does everything she can to make sure it’s in order. She has a hard time understanding people who choose logic over feeling (Violet, for instance), but still makes every effort to be a kind and loving friend to them. Isobel is open with her opinions, but willing to compromise where necessary.

Isobel Crawley ENFJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Ni: She, like her son, doesn’t care for the new Downton traditions, but does well as times change, updating her wardrobe where Violet’s stays very old-fashioned. Isobel has a narrow focus and once she decides on a course, she’s able to determine a straight shot line towards accomplishing her goals –even if they’re not always…realistic. She’s able to recognise problems with systems and how things are being run and acts to improve those flaws. She’s accepting of people who are very different from herself and is very forgiving.

Isobel Crawley ENFJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Se: Isobel typically likes to be right in the middle of all the action (but only if it’s service-oriented action). When her son dies, she gets caught up living in the pain of now and loses a bit of her visionary goals. As a result, it takes her a long time to get over it (as opposed to Mary, whose auxiliary Se allows her to get over it relatively quickly).

Isobel Crawley ENFJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Ti: Isobel argues with accepted logic and doesn’t accept no for an answer until you give her a legitimate reason for it. She’s willing to try out new medical methods where others are afraid to move past the traditional way of doing things and the ways she sees it –if there’s a chance to save a life, take it, no matter how small.

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