Sybil Crawley: INFP

Downton Abbey

Sybil INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Fi: Sybil has a strong moral drive, which stems from within herself rather than what she observes in others (she’s an awesome feminist). She’s very careful to be certain that an action is right before she pursues it, thus her slowness to accept Tom as a romantic interest. At the same time, she doesn’t really care about her social image or whether her family approves of her actions. She’s not against breaking social customs or diverging from tradition. She feels useless unless she has a cause to support and seeks out opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Sybil INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Ne: Sybil doesn’t fall for fake people, and she also has a profound ability to understand others when its least expected. Sybil has a million ideas for what she wants to do with her future and gets excited about the possibilities. She’s open to changing her views of people and accepting opinions that are different from her own.

Sybil INFP Downton Abbey MBTI

Si: Sybil lives simultaneously in the past, present and future, reflecting on the past to guide her in this moment towards her idealised future.

Sybil INFP Downton Abbey MBTITe: Once Sybil knows what she wants, she goes after it with fervent passion. She’s fairly decent at organising people and isn’t afraid to speak her mind bluntly when the situation calls for it.


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