MBTI Function Stacks for each type


ENTP – Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

ENTJ – Te-Ni-Se-Fi

ENFJ – Fe-Ni-Se-Ti

ENFP – Ne-Fi-Te-Si

ESTJ – Te-Si-Ne-Fi

ESTP – Se-Ti-Fe-Ni

ESFJ – Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

ESFP – Se-Fi-Te-Ni


INTP – Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

INTJ – Ni-Te-Fi-Se

INFJ – Ni-Fe-Ti-Se

INFP – Fi-Ne-Si-Te

ISTJ – Si-Te-Fi-Ne

ISTP – Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

ISFJ – Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

ISFP – Fi-Se-Ni-Te


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