Sam Winchester: INFJ

Guest Post by Occam’s Chainsaw, INTJ


Sam Winchester INFJ | Supernatural #MBTI #INFJ

Ni: Sam is the one to do all the researches, and it’s partially because his Ni makes him patient to dig deeply enough to get the desired amount of information and to also distinguish the needed details. He has premonitions/impressions which help him foresee the future. For instance, he sensed something was off in Home, when he insisted they stayed there in front of their childhood house to see if something would happen even after purging (and he was right about the premonition). Sam also struggled throughout his childhood, especially when he hit his teens, due to his strong aim to which he stuck strictly. It was also the reason why he didn’t get on well with the rest of his family. Sam is the one to tell which information is important for the case, and which is the one they can discard.

Sam Winchester INFJ | Supernatural #MBTI #INFJ

Fe: Sam always considers what the others feel, and he always craves harmony in his environment. Sam is always the one to take care of the victims, to calm them down and assure them everything will be fine—because of this, he can be called the people person in their team. He tends to give up arguments against Dean, just so they will end, and he always makes an attempt to urge Dean to have pep-talks with him. He firmly believes they need to talk about their feelings to each other, but his brother refuses, non-negotiable. While Dean thinks it isn’t bad to create fake IDs due to his Fi (he was practically raised into the hunter-lifestyle), Sam initially had problems dealing with this, however, eventually he adjusted to it (Fe).

Sam Winchester INFJ | Supernatural #MBTI #INFJ

Ti: Sam trusts his inner logic no matter what, and reasons according to what he finds logical, even without any empirical evidence supporting his views. He doesn’t make structures, he just analyses everything and, with his Ni, searches for the interconnections and correlations between things. Occasionally he will come up with a plan that saves the day, but mostly Dean comes up with them. Sam gets into the depths of things, hence whatever he’s come across during research, doesn’t fail to look at from various angles. He lacks the drive to control his surroundings too. Sam always comes up with the end result of his thread, not the thought process itself; he shares his conclusions with Dean, not how he got there.

Sam Winchester INFJ | Supernatural #MBTI #INFJ

Se: Sometimes Sam becomes overwhelmed by his environment, hence he gets overstimulated and needs a little solitude. He’s extremely insightful, and inspects his surroundings for any evidence. He tends to notice more details than Dean does, which is because Sam is more aware of his environment. He thinks of the past in concrete terms, not according to personal interpretations; the same reason why he doesn’t give a hypothetical name to their father (Dean calls him a hero, whereas Sam could call him a monster, but opts not to). Sam clearly thinks in pictures, and recalls things in a visual way before putting them into words.


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  1. Yay! Another INFJ!

    I can relate to all of this–especially the part about being really good at research and theoretical problem-solving, and yet not necessarily being able/willing to spell out your thought process to others. I do that a lot.


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