Charles Xavier: INFJ

Guest Post by Shubham, ENTP


Charles Xavier INFJ | X-Men #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Charles is a mutant who has the power of telepathy (and to some extent telekinesis), but can also recognize what is going on in the minds of others very easily without having to read their minds. Thus many times when he is asked, “so did you read my mind,” he responds, “I didn’t have to.” Charles is extremely focused towards a long term goal (to make the society accept the mutants) and all of his actions are directed towards achieving it. Towards this goal, he has a very visionary, idealistic approach. His being the most powerful brain on the planet also gives him the a fair idea of ‘what comes next’ as that kind of thought requires a calm and detailed analysis (Ni) than a quick and some-what impractical response (Ne). This gives him a bit of a mystic charm. Like Magneto, he has a very specific approach to problem solving, a fact which is often the root stressor of their disagreements.

Charles Xavier (Professor X) INFJ | X-Men #MBTI #INFJ

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): When he is younger, Charles has a very strong desire to fit in with society. As Charles is portrayed, his Fe function is probably his most developed (most likely because he knows what everyone’s true thoughts and feelings are (you know cause he is telepathic). Charles is constantly thinking about how other people, humans and mutants alike, would be affected by the actions his X-men take. He often tries to convince Magneto that his actions will only make people feel more passive about the mutants. When asked ”How can you be so sure about how they (army) will react?” he answered,” Because I know how they feel.” Charles sympathizes with other mutants and tries to connect with them emotionally without using his psychic powers, so obviously he uses his Fe. He loves to provide emotional support to others and becomes deeply depressed when he feels that he cannot help others to work through their struggles.

Charles Xavier (Professor X) INFJ | X-Men #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Charles is very intelligent and thinks deeply about the issues that the mutants face. He thinks about problems from many different angles, and likes to use his knowledge to show off to the ladies. At the same time, he is far more driven by emotional idealism than by any logical course of action. When arguing with Magneto, the issues they disagree on usually have to do with their moral approach to fighting for the mutants. Unlike Magneto, Charles does not have a specific step-by-step plan that he intends to follow in order to help the mutants. Instead, he tends to think in terms of theoretical problem-solving, rather than practical.

Charles Xavier (Professor X) INFJ | X-Men #MBTI #INFJ

Extraverted Sensing (Se): Charles notices the world keenly and recognizes the fine changes that have taken place. For instance, when he says, “you have grown older, Logan,” to Wolverine, a guy who practically hasn’t changed a bit since the adamandium experiment. The younger version of him certainly likes a good party, but at the same time, he tends to prefer a quiet life. He isn’t usually one to be found at the center of the action, but would rather fight fire with theory (TiSe) —not always the best strategy, in case anyone didn’t notice.

7 thoughts on “Charles Xavier: INFJ

  1. Ok but hear me out Charles as a young man is an ENFP…i know it sounds crazy but he’s too blinded by his love and excitement for Erik and raven that he misses the forthcomin gbetrayal and ignores it. He sees all the signs and he chooses to ignore them.. an INFJ or ENFJ for that matter wouldn’t do that. Also he seems way too disorganized to be an J…he only suceeds to looking organized because he interacts with so many Js esp Erik. He sees endless possibilities and always the “what if” scenario that blindfolds him to reality some times. The most telling though is even though he can read people’s minds…he can never seem to say the right thing to them without his powers…And he will never change himself to make someone like him or notice him He stays true and enfp’s tend to do and charms people with his optimism and big heart. Esp seeing him in DOFP very typical example of a withdrawn disappointed enfp


    • I would probably call him a psuedotype before claiming him as two types. It’s possible that he was an ENFJ who, after going through a very difficult experience (losing his legs, “sister” and best friend) retreated into himself and was never completely the same afterward.


      • I suppose I was breaking the fourth wall and attributing it to the actor/writers/directors change. As I remember, he was far more impulsive and outgoing in an Fe/Se sense First Class and on, while more reserved and cold, focusing on his goals rather than on people in the earlier trilogy. Probably the writers catering to their intended audience.


  2. Interesting! In light of recent submissions on this blog, I can’t help but notice that, as much as they has been quite a few observations about INTJ making up a significant number of the stereotypical “great/smart/vicious villains”, recent submissions listed quite a few INFJ in the “great/smart/selfless/mythical hero” archetype (Prof. Xavier here, Yoda, Gandalf, Kenobi…).. with notable one of Batman/Ra’s Al Ghul reversing the roles :)



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