Tony Stark: ENTJ

Iron Man / The Avengers

Tony Stark ENTJ | The Avengers #MBTI #ENTJ

Te: Tony says himself that following isn’t really his style. He likes to be in charge and gets into conflict when he doesn’t consult the team before acting decisively. In fact, he doesn’t even really play by the rules of his company. Tony is sharp tongued and logical, constantly making fun of people’s reasoning through sarcasm. He knows how to assert control over nearly any group of people (including fell ENTJ, Loki).

Tony Stark ENTJ | The Avengers #MBTI #ENTJ

Ni: Rather than running his company himself, Tony delegates that task to someone else so that he can pursue his ultimate obsession (Iron Man). He has one singular idea that he focuses on with a laser determination. He innovates new pieces of equipment to satisfy the ends he wants to achieve.

Tony Stark ENTJ | The Avengers #MBTI #ENTJ

Se: Though Tony is a  long term planner, he’s also a lover of instant gratification. He is often caught in the grip of his lower functions and makes spontaneous decisions that either win him the world or ruin his life. He likes gadgets to do his dirty work for him, but can sometimes be overly reliant on them, making him helpless without them.

Tony Stark ENTJ | The Avengers #MBTI #ENTJ

Fi: He can turn off his emotions to make decisions and doesn’t usually like to talk about them. Rather, his actions reflect his inner feelings. Tony is a bit of an egotist who has a hard time noticing or taking other people’s feelings into consideration.

Also often typed as an ENTP. Wrong because he has an Ni focus.


8 thoughts on “Tony Stark: ENTJ

  1. Tony is not an ENTJ, he is an ENTP. He has Ne, and he has multiple ambitions and ideas for the future. For example he invents new machines AND has the idea of being iron man.


  2. I don’t think that tony stark is an ENTJ. He is definitely an ENTP.
    You really think that the cool and that quick a tongue comes with an Ni? Tony hates making plans.He just likes to jump into action.He is not ‘focused’.He clearly leads with an Ne,which is evident from his manner of speaking and his plans and experiments.He is a bit full of himself and knows it.His genius intellect which is primarily used in his inventions or gadgets and not in making money. He is never stressed and would rather spend a day arguing about science than actually doing something useful to his company.His Fe is displayed when he shuts down the weapons department so that people would be safe even though he makes a lot of money from it.
    he is a mad scientist.


    • Yeah, like I mentioned earlier in the comments, I’ve actually been meaning to re-type him as ENTP, but as always, I have far too much to do at the moment to constantly be thinking about this blog


  3. Couldn’t he be an ESTP? He is an externally emotional character, he has a need to be praised, a tendency to be the center of attention and he tends to takes things apart in order to rebuild them. I think that his Ultron project is an act of his fear of what the future will bring, indicating Ni-inferior.


    • Actually, I haven’t seen the new Avengers movie yet, but I’ve been meaning to retype him (based on reconsideration of the past movies). I don’t see ESTP though. He has a clearly intuition based thought process and doesn’t really use that much Se.



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