Irene Addler: ENTJ


Irene Addler ENTJ | Sherlock #MBTI #ENTJ

Te: Irene Adler only cares about information insofar as she can use it (“No, but I know what he likes”). She likes to be in control of her life and takes initiative in asserting her dominance over people and situations, be it by removing her clothes and hiding needed information from people or by merely speaking assertively to them. She seeks validation to assure her that she’s in control of Sherlock (too bad for her she’s wrong). She talks through her thoughts out loud in order to organize and understand them and states her opinions directly without sugarcoating anything.

Irene Addler ENTJ | Sherlock #MBTI #ENTJ

Ni: Irene Adler does nothing without a specific end goal in mind. She predicts various ways that events could potentially develop and plans to avoid negative outcomes. She’s strategic in everything she does and is able to revise her plans when something isn’t working. Even if she’s occasionally diverted by attractions to Sherlock, she has a singular goal in mind. She follows Sherlock’s line of thought better than most people, though he’s usually still 5 steps ahead of her (meanwhile she’s 5 steps ahead of everyone else).

Irene Addler ENTJ | Sherlock #MBTI #ENTJ

Se: Adler is able to adapt her plans on the fly. At times she can be impulsive, leading to negative consequences in the long-run. She’s quite observant and any clues that she leaves are visual (she gives Sherlock the code to her safe by stripping to reveal her bodily measurements).

Irene Addler ENTJ | Sherlock #MBTI #ENTJ

Fi: Irene is motivated primarily by her own wants and desires. She doesn’t take into account other people’s feelings, and widely misinterprets Sherlock’s feelings toward her. Despite all her logic, she still falls for him. She lives according to her own values (#protect myself) and doesn’t care to keep in line with conventions.


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