Baron Vladimir Harkonnen: ENTJ

Guest Post by Andrew, ENTJ

Dune, Frank Herbert

Dominant Extroverted Thinking (Te): Baron Harkonnen wants nothing less than the imperial throne, and he goes after it in a systematic fashion. His allies and even his family members (except maybe Feyd-Rautha) are mere pawns in his game, and his enemies are nothing more than obstacles to be overcome – or to be destroyed utterly. He has a brutal, ruthless way of dealing with everyone, and he gives direct orders to his subordinates. The baron is extremely resourceful, and he will add anyone whom he believes will be of use to his retinue; he even takes Thufir Hawat, the chief strategist of his slain arch-enemy, Leto Atredies, to be his adviser after the death of his own strategist.

Auxiliary Introverted Intuition (Ni): Baron Harkonnen is always thinking a step or two ahead of where he is, and he always makes plans with his endgame in mind. His ultimate goal for Arrakis is to put his favorite nephew, Feyd-Rautha, in charge of the planet, but he sends his other nephew, Glossu Rabban, to the desert planet first to take the blame for the cruel treatment of its residents. The baron has the ability to predict and neutralize potential dangers, and he is manipulative enough to get equals and superiors on his side; he can even convince Emperor Shaddam IV to risk a general uprising by allying with the House Harkonnen against the House Atreides.

Tertiary Extroverted Sensing (Se): Baron Harkonnen is self-indulgent and hedonistic. He is addicted to melange, and his corpulent physique (the baron has to wear anti-gravity suspenders just to support his weight) suggests a voracious appetite for food. He is also a sexual deviant with a predatory interest in young boys (in fact, it is highly doubtful that his affection for Feyd-Rautha is because of familial love). When Leto Atreides tries to kill Baron Harkonnen, his reflexes save his life, and he is likewise able to avoid Feyd-Rautha’s attempts to murder him when his young nephew gets too ambitious.

Inferior Introverted Feeling (Fi): Baron Harkonnen has no concept of what is morally right or wrong. He acts totally and openly for his own benefit, never paying any heed to ethical considerations. The baron neither talks about nor pays attention to his emotions, which come out in what he does rather than what he says. He is a sadist who genuinely enjoys power struggles and political warfare, and he rejoices in the pain and suffering of his enemies as well as their complete destruction.



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