Dieter Dengler: ENTJ

Rescue Dawn

Dieter Dengler ENTJ | Rescue Dawn MBTI

Te: Dieter cares especially about functionality and specifically asks for his equipment to be customised in order to improve the efficiency. He’s resourceful when it comes to creating tools and originally worked as a toolmaker with the specific intent to learn something “useful.” He refuses the idea of sitting idle in the Laotian camp, and insists on finding an immediate way to take action to escape. He can be quite confrontational, and unusually Continue reading

The Master: ENTJ

Doctor Who

(The John Simm one)

The Master ENTJ | Doctor Who

Dominant Te: The Master is a task-oriented, planning villain. He decides what he wants quickly, determines the most direct way to get it and acts towards those ends. His goals aim for total control of everyone and everything, with himself in charge of it all. He likes to be in control of everything and enjoys watching the Doctor panic over losing control himself. He’s good at pin-pointing what’s inefficient and has a back-up plan for everything.  Continue reading

Tom Riddle / Voldemort: ENTJ

Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

Lord Voldemort ENTJ | Harry Potter MBTI

Dominant Te: Tom Riddle is action oriented. All of his feelings come out in what he does, rather than what he says. He organises and manipulates others to achieve the ends he needs, saving his personal energy to completing the most necessary tasks (horcruxing!). He develops plans and puts them into action without hesitation. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and cannot be insulted. Continue reading

River Song: ENTJ

Doctor Who

River Song ENTJ | Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Te: There is purpose behind everything that River Song does. To her, knowledge is pointless unless it can aid her in her goals. She likes to be the one in charge, and this definitely comes through in her relationship with the Doctor. She maintains a certain degree of control over him with her “spoilers,” act, and she can fly the TARDIS better than Continue reading

Mary Crawley: ENTJ

Downton Abbey

Mary Crawley ENTJ | Downton Abbey MBTI

Dominant Te: Mary doesn’t like to rely on her emotions to solve problems and often doesn’t even give her emotions credit. She is consistently trying to improve things by taking the initiative in running the estate. Mary likes to be in charge of people and situations and hates it when her father doesn’t trust her to do things because she’s a woman. She doesn’t hesitate Continue reading

Peter Wiggin: ENTJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Peter Wiggin ENTJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Dominant Te: Peter is a long-term planner with a specific set of goals in view. Immediately upon figuring out what he wants, Peter devises steps to get what he wants and goes after it with precision. Peter has an incredible capacity to organize others to the actions that he desires accomplished. He doesn’t ever consider the prospect of failure and measures success by external, objective means. Continue reading

Michael Cassio – Othello: ENTJ

Othello, William Shakespeare

Michael Cassio ENTJ - Othello, Shakespeare MBI

Dominant Te: Cassio is a reliable person. He is straightforward and honest in his communications with others. He has great social skills and knows how to organize people. His decisions are typically firm, though at times, he can give way to peer pressure (more likely because Iago is a master manipulator). Cassio’s charm and charisma draw people of all Continue reading

ENTJ in the Grip

Can you explain what you meant when you said Falstaff is an ENTJ “in the grip?”

A little more on that grip-idea –as it relates specifically to ENTJs.

When an ENTJ stops utilizing his upper functions (Te-Ni) to their full capacity, he is prone to a rather unique problem. He tends to get stuck in his lower functions, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, because rather than being a doer, who plans and visualizes what he wants his life to be, be becomes something else entirely.

He turns lazy, and laziness never made and ENTJ happy Continue reading

John Falstaff: ENTJ

Henry IV / Henry V, William Shakespeare

John Falstaff ENTJ | The Hollow Crown MBTI

Dominant Te: John Falstaff is a doer. He devises strategies to get what he wants and then actively seeks to make those plans a reality. He befriends Prince Hal in hopes of gaining prestige and status (that’s my take on him, although some would argue otherwise) and does everything he can to impress him, pretending to fight off a horde of enemies, and even going so far as to claim that he killed Hotspur. When his plans don’t work out, he takes a fatal blow –for instance, when Harry is crowned King and Continue reading

Ralph – Lord of the Flies: ENTJ

Lord of the Flies, William Golding

Ralph ENTJ | Lord of the Flies MBTI

Dominant Te: Upon arrival on the island, Ralph immediately devises plans for rescue. He is all about taking action and maintaining order among the boys. At the start, he is aware that he can utilize his charm to allure the other boys to follow him, but as time goes on Ralph recognizes where he falls short and delegates tasks to others. He doesn’t spend as much time thinking as he does jumping into action (which is why he consults Piggy for ideas, rather than Continue reading