Tony Stark: ENTJ

Iron Man / The Avengers

Tony Stark ENTJ | The Avengers #MBTI #ENTJ

Te: Tony says himself that following isn’t really his style. He likes to be in charge and gets into conflict when he doesn’t consult the team before acting decisively. In fact, he doesn’t even really play by the rules of his company. Tony is sharp tongued and logical, constantly making fun of people’s reasoning through sarcasm. He knows how to assert control over nearly any group of people (including fell ENTJ, Loki). Continue reading

Irene Addler: ENTJ


Irene Addler ENTJ | Sherlock #MBTI #ENTJ

Te: Irene Adler only cares about information insofar as she can use it (“No, but I know what he likes”). She likes to be in control of her life and takes initiative in asserting her dominance over people and situations, be it by removing her clothes and hiding needed information from people or by merely speaking assertively to them. She seeks validation to assure her that she’s in control of Sherlock (too bad for her she’s wrong). She talks through her thoughts out loud in order to organize and understand them and states her opinions directly without sugarcoating anything. Continue reading

How to Tell the Difference: INTJ vs ISFP

alifara asked: What is the difference between XNTJ and XSFP ? are ISFPs capable of being cold, highly-critical, and impulsive ?

Yes, ISFPs can certainly be cold and highly critical –just like any type can behave coldly and critically. A good fictional example of this type of ISFP would be Kat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You.  Continue reading

Why You Hate Your MBTI Type

Terry asked: “I’m an ENTJ and I seem to hate all the other ENTJs that I meet. Is there a decent reason why I would hate my type?”

There are a number of reasons why you could hate your type.

#1 You subconsciously hate in others that which you hate in yourself.

I know two ENTJs who cannot stand to be in the same room with one another. Though different,  they are very alike.

They both always have an agenda, always have to be doing something, and like to talk. They’re both ruthlessly rude towards other people, but don’t necessarily like it when other people are equally blunt. Thus…they hate talking to each other. Continue reading

Loki: ENTJ

Thor / The Avengers

Loki ENTJ | The Avengers / Thor #MBTI #ENTJ

Te: Loki wants control –of everything. He’s a natural leader who takes control of people and situations, organizing them toward specific actions often without them even knowing about it. His thought process is logical and rarely deviates from his Ni plans long enough to get distracted by anyone or anything. Loki does everything with a specific Continue reading

Gale Hawthorne: ENTJ

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Gale Hawthorne ENTJ | The Hunger Games MBTI

Te: Gale doesn’t like to sit by and do nothing when there are things to be done. At times, Katniss finds his rants and plans for changing district 12 annoying and unrealistic (but only because she’s Si-hesitant to act before all the details are worked out). Gale is a strategic thinker even in the starkest situations and when Katniss is leaving for the Games, he’s Continue reading

Claudius – Hamlet: ENTJ

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Claudius - Hamlet #ENTJ #MBTI

Dominant Extraverted Thinking (Te): Claudius is intelligent, manipulative and conniving. He’s power hungry and though he loves Gertrude, it’s also fairly likely that he married her strategically in order to usurp the throne from Hamlet post Hamlet the elder’s death. Claudius is a great public speaker and maintains the majority of his power via Continue reading