Are INFPs Poor Leaders?

Are INFPs Poor Leaders?

Question: “Hello Mr. INTJ.  I am an INFP. On the net, I always find that some of the famous authors, actors, writers, artists, music composers are INFPs . But I have never found a single famous military leader, politician, athlete, player, scientist (except Einstein), sci-fi writer in the list of INFPs.  All other personality types have some or more of these ranges.  Even ENFPs have some world class leaders (though shown in the dark side on  In the list of INFPs there are some who have committed suicide.  On the other side there are people who have committed mass homicides in other personality types.  Why are INFPs  always so meek in their behavior?  Why are we not as outgoing as other types?  I even found on the net that INFPs are the economically the poorest of all types.   I will be thankful to you if you put some light on this topic.  I  know you can understand what I mean to say.  So please answer my question as soon as possible.”

Answer: Hello Mr. big questions. I interrupted the queue just to answer this one, so first off, I’ll give you some NFP scientists to make friends with. Michio Kaku and Brian Cox are my two favourites. Go and look them up.

I can tell you right off the bat why ENFPs are more likely to be famous leaders than INFPs. It’s merely because their Te is higher up in the function hierarchy than INFPs.

As to INFPs always being meek? Actually, no, they’re not.  Continue reading

Cecily Cardew: ENFP

The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde

Cecily The Importance of Being Earnest ENFP

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): If she had her way, she would fantasise all day long about knights in shining armour. She loves to sensationalise all her visions of reality, adding an entire imagined history to her relationship with Algernon. She loves stories of any kind and gets excited when she learns that Miss Prism has written a novel. She prefers fiction to reality. Cecily is witty (classic Wildean epigram talker) and determined. Continue reading

Algernon Moncrieff: ENFP

The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde

Algernon Moncrief ENFP | The Importance of Being Earnest #ENFP #mbti

Ne: Algy has a big imagination which he implements into his daily life. Both he and Jack invent fictional identities, but Algy’s has a creative name, and he talks about him with dry sarcasm. His imagination makes him the perfect match for Cecily. He emotionally invests himself when listening to Cecily’s fantastical diary, and gets upset when she tells him she broke off their imaginary engagement. To be perfectly honest, it seems as though Continue reading

George Bailey: ENFP

It’s A Wonderful Life

George Bailey ENFP | It's A Wonderful Life MBTI

Ne: George has a million things he wants do do, see and be, and when I say a million – I actually mean a million and one. The fact that he so frequently sacrifices these dreams for others eventually becomes a great source of disillusionment for him, yet, for the most part, he manages to find the good in every situation. He’s quite witty, and knows how to laugh at himself for his mistakes. He’s very creative, and is known for coming up with Continue reading

Oscar Wilde: ENFP

Oscar Wilde ENFP

Ne: Oscar Wilde was an idealist and a starry-eyed optimist. He not only idealised the world around him, but people too, viewing them as their best-possible selves until undeniable evidence of their faults starred him in the face. He had perpetual wit, charm and was a master of sarcasm. Wilde loved to tell stories out loud, and did so with a profound characterization that made people excited. He didn’t actually enjoy writing, but wrote down the stories he told in order to make a living. Continue reading

Beatrice – Much Ado About Nothing: ENFP

Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare

Beatrice ENFP Much Ado About Nothing MBTI Shakespeare

Dominant Ne: Beatrice is incredibly talkative, and very witty. She pulls her humour from reality and branches off of into all manner of new ideas, often beating Benedick in her verbal battles with him. Much of her humour also consists of elaborate buns and connections that are surprising to others, but that come naturally to Beatrice. Underneath this, Beatrice is a deep character. She wants to find meaning in everything and doesn’t settle for Continue reading

Peeta Mellark: ENFP

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Factors to keep in mind: PTSD

Peeta Mellark ENFP | The Hunger Games MBTI

Dominant Ne: Peeta understands people’s true motives, even when they don’t speak them. He’s alright with the fact that Katniss isn’t sure how to respond to his love and doesn’t pursue her incessantly because he knows that she wouldn’t want him to. Peeta looks more toward the future than he does at the past (until PTSD that is). Contrary to popular (selective) belief, Peeta strategizes in the games, making Continue reading

Stargirl: ENFP

Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli

Dominant Ne: Stargirl is good at reading behind the lines to figure out people’s true motives, even when what they say contradicts that. She likes to pull connections between seemingly random things and has a million ideas about what she wants to do with her life. She comes up with Birthday Songs on her ukulele and finds out-of-the-box ways to Continue reading

Jonathan Strange: ENFP

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Suzanna Clarke

The Byronic hero so byronic that Byron himself begins to notice!

Totally stoked for the mini-series to come out!

Jonathan Strange ENFP | Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell #MBTI #ENFP

Dominant Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Jonathan Strange is fascinated by new ideas and loves to explore. He firmly believes that magic should be looked at as a wide, free expanse that is to be explored. This is where he differs from Mr. Norrell, who views magic as a wide expanse, that should be controlled and maintained. In his younger days, he is extremely indecisive about his career. He has thousands of ideas as to what he might like to be, but isn’t overly motivated to pursue any of them. His solutions to problems are always readily creative, and he’s able to Continue reading

Tenth Doctor: ENFP

Doctor Who

10th Doctor ENFP Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Ne: Connections are a must in the Doctor’s world. He enjoys any opportunity to blow people’s socks out of the water by impressing them with an incredibly out-of-the-box solution. The Doctor is energized and excited by new ideas and often jumps into hefty trails of thoughts leading to more thoughts leading to more thoughts etc. He views everything in terms of the big picture, both in terms of time, space and morality. He looks for the meaning behind Continue reading

Anne Frank: ENFP

The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank

Anne Frank ENFP

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Anne has a lively outward personality and is known for being talkative. She is a romantic and a dreamer who can’t help but use your imagination to write stories. She is eager for new experiences, thus her desires to find love and her frustration at being shut up in the annex. She is extremely intuitive about the people around her, and doesn’t always have to ask questions to Continue reading