Stargirl: ENFP

Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli

Dominant Ne: Stargirl is good at reading behind the lines to figure out people’s true motives, even when what they say contradicts that. She likes to pull connections between seemingly random things and has a million ideas about what she wants to do with her life. She comes up with Birthday Songs on her ukulele and finds out-of-the-box ways to serve other people. She’s impulsive and acts in the moment, usually at random due to the random stream of her thought process. She is bubbling with curiosity and wants to understand the meaning behind everything. She can pick out people’s facial expressions to determine what their mood is and spends a lot of time observing people to discover how they go about their lives.

Auxiliary Fi: Stargirl is a free spirit who is happiest when she’s staying true to herself. When she tries to be something she’s not, she becomes upset and depressed and cannot carry it out without great effort. To an extent, she’s more interested in the lives of the people around her than she is in her own experience, and lives vicariously through them as she serves them on a daily basis. Her tendency to do whatever she wants taints her reputation in school and makes her life much more difficult than it would have been had she been a conformist. She knows what she thinks is right and holds to that regardless of what society thinks. She’s alright with Leo’s quiet energy and doesn’t need him to talk a lot for her to understand him on a deep level.

Tertiary Te: When Stargirl figures out what she wants (which is quickly), she takes the most immediate action to lead her in that direction. This often comes out as impulsiveness, but also comes across in her ability to patiently work through becoming a state public speaking champion. She doesn’t have a huge sense of internal logic, but tends to make judgements based purely off of her own observations of the outside world. Stargirl doesn’t really stick to a schedule, and tends to ignore that part of the function.

Inferior Si: Stargirl wants her relationships to be meaningful. She relates much of her current experience to the past, and is in many ways, still a little girl at heart. At times, she wants to be normal, but trying to be so makes her unhappy. She doesn’t value conformity or social life very much, and  tends to keep to her own little world.


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  1. I think you described her perfectly. I am a lot like Leo and I find Stargirl extremely refreshing and I think you captured her personality quite well.


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