George Bailey: ENFP

It’s A Wonderful Life

George Bailey ENFP | It's A Wonderful Life MBTI

Ne: George has a million things he wants do do, see and be, and when I say a million – I actually mean a million and one. The fact that he so frequently sacrifices these dreams for others eventually becomes a great source of disillusionment for him, yet, for the most part, he manages to find the good in every situation. He’s quite witty, and knows how to laugh at himself for his mistakes. He’s very creative, and is known for coming up with creative, last minute solutions to horrendous problems. He believes the impossible can be true, and in believing, makes it true.

George Bailey ENFP | It's A Wonderful Life MBTI

Fi: George Bailey is a very kind person, and frequently sacrifices his money, dreams and time to help others. At times he can invest too much of himself into helping others and end up neglecting his own needs and emotions. George is also a very independent person, who wants to diverge from the norm, do something unique. He has a strong desire to remain true to himself and others, and this strength of will is what keeps him holding out against Potter for so long.

George Bailey ENFP | It's A Wonderful Life MBTI

Te: George is out-spoken and diplomatic. He doesn’t always think before acting, and can end up throwing himself into situations that are either pleasantly beneficial, or unfortunately desperate. He knows how to recognise when he’s beaten, but under stress, can take this to extremes and end up extremely depressed.

George Bailey ENFP | It's A Wonderful Life MBTI

Si: Though George Bailey is a dreamer, he is also practical in his decision making. His first mode of action is his heart, but he always pauses momentarily before making a decision. He enjoys revisiting the joys of his past, and even as an adult, still continues his routinely shout of “I wish I had a million dollars. Hot dog!” whenever he enters the shop.


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