Oscar Wilde: ENFP

Oscar Wilde ENFP

Ne: Oscar Wilde was an idealist and a starry-eyed optimist. He not only idealised the world around him, but people too, viewing them as their best-possible selves until undeniable evidence of their faults starred him in the face. He had perpetual wit, charm and was a master of sarcasm. Wilde loved to tell stories out loud, and did so with a profound characterization that made people excited. He didn’t actually enjoy writing, but wrote down the stories he told in order to make a living.

Oscar Wilde ENFP

Fi: Wilde was an individualist and considered it of profound importance on being true to the self and authentic in morals. Wilde embraced his homosexuality openly, and didn’t believe it was right to pretend to be anything other than what he was. “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” One of his primary aims in sitting down to write was to follow nature, not convention. Wilde was quite driven by his feelings, and was certainly a pleasure-seeker. Wilde particularly loved drama, and wrote a number of plays in addition to making his own personal life a drama.

Oscar Wilde ENFP

Te: Oscar Wilde knew how to be blunt. He didn’t always think before acting, and wasn’t necessarily the most logical of people, but he usually kept distinct principles in his mind, regardless of of whether he thought anything though in the moment. He wasn’t particularly organised and often acted spontaneously. Actually I take that back –he loved acting spontaneously.

Oscar Wilde ENFP
Si: Wilde often valued beauty above the soul. He was always high fashioned and once said that if reincarnated, he’d like to come back as a flower so that he could be beautiful and soulless. In fact, he even practiced catholic rites merely for the beauty of it (not for the religious context). In general, Wilde liked to be unconventional, and it’s clear he achieved that goal.

Note: There are arguments (I should say, blind statements) out there for Wilde being an ENTP, ENFJ and ESFP, however most of these types use Fe, and Wilde was definitely an Fi user.

At first glance, I thought Wilde was an ESFP because he was such a sensual, glamour driven person, but then it occurred to me that he was deliberately shallow. He wanted to lack depth purely because it was the norm to value depth.

I do agree with those who say he’s an Ne dom, however. Thus, ENFP.

I can hardly eat muffins in an agitated manner.


4 thoughts on “Oscar Wilde: ENFP

  1. Wilde was deliberately shallow because he is a deep thinker. Only deep know what shallow is. I believe that his contradictions were also meant to create paradoxes. He was very analytical, I believe he´s more of a T than an F.


  2. As an ENFP lover of Wilde, I have to say this sounds spot-on. Thank you for the rationalization of the use of Fi at the end, because Wilde precisely used his “shallow” persona in that way. Anyone who can write “The Picture Of Dorian Gray” as well as “The Importance Of Being Earnest” clearly both enjoys life and knows the danger of abandoning your principles.

    He’s so often dismissed as a fop, and people miss out on the deep, thoughtful, tortured, profound person he was.


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