Molly Hooper: ENFP


Molly Hooper #INFJ | Sherlock #MBTI #INFJ

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Molly can typically read behind the lines where other people are oblivious. She picks up on subtleties in people’s behaviour that most people miss and comes to conclusions about their inner states of being. Molly relies primarily on intuition to figure things out even though she doesn’t always put two and two together logically. Because Molly has such a good understanding of people, she easily accepts and forgives the flaws of people very different from herself. She’s good at keeping other people’s secrets, albeit not necessarily her own.

Molly Hooper #INFJ | Sherlock #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Molly is an empathetic person who cares deeply what other people are feeling, even if her interpretation of their feelings is often largely inaccurate. She’s incredibly affectionate, always willing and ready to help out anybody in need. She’s open about her feelings and personal life to the point of awkwardness and she frequently embarrasses herself by speaking her feelings too directly. She often asks Sherlock how he’s doing despite experience telling her he won’t answer, and still loves him when he calls her the wrong name and treats her like crap.

Molly Hooper #INFJ | Sherlock #MBTI #INFJ

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Molly makes plans and organises her life, but at the same time, she’s totally willing to drop everything at the last minute and help Sherlock out with a dead body or what not. She doesn’t always pay close attention to evidence and as a result, doesn’t always notice what’s obvious to everyone else (such as the fact that she has absolutely no chance with Sherlock).

Molly Hooper #INFJ | Sherlock #MBTI #INFJ

Introverted Sensing (Si): Social graces are important to Molly, and she’s often deeply hurt by Sherlock’s lack of them. She often relates current conversations to the past (for example: comparing Sherlock to her Dad).

10 thoughts on “Molly Hooper: ENFP

  1. I don’t see it at all. She’s definitely a Fe user of some kind, going out of her way to be accommodating. She’s shy, awkward, and doesn’t confide in people easily, and all this stays true even after she gets much more assertive in season 3. she remembers everything about people, from her past and present alike. She is good at analyzing people and situations but doesn’t generally do much with that information. ISFJ.


      • I can see where Jo is coming from, but I think Molly has auxiliary Fi. She focuses on helping a specific person she knows well (Sherlock) who has a large impact on her life. Auxiliary Fe would be more likely to focus more on the harmony of the group. Also, she can define her feelings for Sherlock, but keeps it inside. Auxiliary Fe could hide their feelings, but they have more of a need to express feelings and have more difficulty defining their feelings.


        • I would think an Fe user would have been more turned off by Sherlock’s rudeness than Molly is….


        • E.J., I do agree that an upper Fe user would be more turned off by Sherlock’s behavior. John Watson is an exception, but his Fe does get bothered by it. Watson is much more embarrassed than Molly is when Sherlock displays rude behavior. He tries to clean up or “save” the situation for the sake of people (Fe worrying about social environment) while Molly is focused more on how she as an individual feels about Sherlock’s behavior.


    • Spot on! The minute I saw her character I was grinning. I’ve seen Irene Adler mistaken for an ENFP- I wish ; ), but Molly is definitely one. However, I do believe she is aware Sherlock doesn’t reciprocate. As in, “I don’t count,” but in true ENFP fashion she doesn’t give up on him. Endearing, yes, but we are bit obsessive of loves. All and completely, and we try to move on, but it is rare we can break the habit.

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