Gwen Cooper: ENFP


Gwen Cooper ENFP | Torchwood #MBTI #ENFP

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): After being dosed with Retcon, Gwen is still able to recall her encounters with Torchwood because she’s able to piece together bits of information and thereby connect the dots in her memory. Gwen is able to connect seemingly random pieces of information to figure out how to solve the problems Torchwood faces. Gwen has an intuitive understanding of most people after only brief exposure to them, which strengthens her compassion towards them.

Gwen Cooper ENFP | Torchwood #MBTI #ENFP

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Jack hires Gwen out of value for her empathy and ability to look past the facts to what is authentically right and wrong. Other than Suzie, she is the only Torchwood team member who can use the glove to bring people back to life. When Gwen tells Ryse about her affair with Owen, she gives him Retcon so that he won’t remember. Gwen does what feels right and doesn’t base her decisions on logic.

Gwen Cooper ENFP | Torchwood #MBTI #ENFP

Extraverted Thinking (Te): After Jack disappears, Gwen takes over as leader of Torchwood Cardiff even though she was the newest employee of the bunch. When seeking information, Gwen typically goes straight to the source, even when Jack tells her not to. Gwen goes through with her marriage to Ryse even when all hell breaks loose.

Gwen Cooper ENFP | Torchwood #MBTI #ENFP

Introverted Sensing (Si): Gwen has an excellent memory and is able to partially recall her first encounter with Torchwood even after being dosed with Retcon to make her forget. Of the Torchwood Three team, Gwen has the toughest time dealing with major deaths. When Owen and Toshiko die, she questions whether Torchwood is worth continuing.


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