Jo March: ENFP

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Jo March ENFP | Little Women MBTI

Dominant Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Jo has a big imagination and loves to pretend and tell stories. She uses unconventional methods to help support her family, not only by selling stories, but by creating enjoyable activities to entertain her siblings. These activities are out of the box and creative, the types of games that homeschoolers play. Jo prefers the idealized worlds in her imagination to real life. She needs new experiences and gets bored with her life at home. She loves the new life she has in the city and enjoys writing about her new experiences to her family. Jo has a wide variety of interests, most of which involve ideas and creative thinking. She can see unspoken connections between people and has a blast theorizing over Meg and Mr. Brooks’ relationship with Laurie.

Jo March ENFP | Little Women MBTI

Auxiliary Introverted Feeling (Fi): Jo doesn’t care for following societal values and prefers to follow her own path, including wanting to be a boy and follow her father to war. She’s more focused on her own feelings and desires than other people’s, and when she goes to cut her hair, she doesn’t just do it for her family. She does it because it makes her feel like a rebel. Her temper often goes to her head, especially when people go after things and people that she’s emotionally invested in. When Amy destroy’s her book, her reaction is incredibly emotional and uncontrollable. She’s a very angsty feminist.

Jo March ENFP | Little Women MBTI

Tertiary Extraverted Thinking (Te): Jo often shows love through her actions (for instance, selling her hair rather than choosing to talk her way into her aunt’s money). Jo is very open with her thoughts and much to Meg’s dismay, rarely thinks before speaking. When she foregoes Laurie’s marriage proposal, she doesn’t do it with emotional reasons, but instead, uses logic to determine what she wants. At the same time, she finds it difficult not to react emotionally afterward. Meg’s talent for organizing people is evident in the games she plays with her sisters and Laurie.

Jo March ENFP | Little Women MBTI

Inferior Introverted Sensing (Si): Jo doesn’t enjoy peering into her past, but prefers to live in the moment. She learns from her mistakes and refers to the past every time she makes decisions. She’s semi-reluctant to embrace drastic change, such as Meg growing up and getting married, or Laurie going to college. Jo is stubborn, and once her mind is made up, she doesn’t waver.


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