How to Get Along with your INTJ Sibling

Ada asked: So here’s the thing: i am an ENTP and i have a sister who is, (as far as i can tell), a textbook INTJ. To say that we don’t get along is a big understatement- do you have any tips for getting along with an INTJ sibling?

First, I’ll suggest taking a look at the Understanding Your INTJ Friend page. I’ve probably updated it since you initially asked this question.

As an ENTP, you have all opposite functions to an INTJ, which will naturally make it difficult for you to understand them. However, I have an INTP family member with whom I actually have a fantastic relationship, so it is possible for opposite types to get along.

The best advice I can give you comes from a principle Continue reading

The Joker: ENTP

Batman Trilogy

The Joker ENTP | Batman #MBTI #ENTP

Ne: The Joker understands irony implicitly, and speaks in it as though it’s his native language. He’s good at figuring people out, (partially using his Fe, but also an intuitive sense of what’s going on behind the lines). He likes to enjoy himself (in a perverted kind of way) and sees humor in pretty much everything. Continue reading

Clara Oswald: ENTP

Doctor Who

Clara Oswald ENTP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ENTP

Ne: Clara has no problem seeing potentials and ideals. She views the world and the people in it in terms of ideals, what could potentially become rather than what is right in front of her. She makes connections between less obvious dots and catches on to unvoiced connections between people. Clara is a big picture person who believes the future Continue reading

Lord Arthur Goring: ENTP

An Ideal Husband, Oscar Wilde

Arthur Goring ENTP | An Ideal Husband MBTI

Ne: Goring dislikes convention, and deliberately dances around it. He tends to think of life as a game, and doesn’t always take his obligations seriously, however, he does this deliberately. He makes a point not to take anything seriously. We know however, that he’s actually a deep thinker. He’s capable of understanding both the trivial and the profound. Continue reading

Ford Prefect: ENTP

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

Ford Prefect ENTP | The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy MBTI

Ne: Ford wants to do everything, see everything and he sort of gets his wish –aside from the boring 15 years he spends trapped on earth. His writing (for the Hitchhiker’s Guide) is rambling and doesn’t stick to one topic or even come to conclusions most of the time. He improvises a lot, Continue reading

Augustus Waters: ENTP

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

Augustus Waters ENTP | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Dominant Ne: Gus is a possibility person. He loves symbolism and metaphor and frequently references such in his speech patterns. “You put the killing thing between your teeth…” This is partially what draws Hazel to him, because she’s definitely a symbolism person as well. Gus and Hazel spend loads of time exploring possibilities and reading beneath the surface of pretty much everything. They both drool over Hazel’s favourite Continue reading

Benedick Mountanto: ENTP

Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare

Benedick ENTP | Much Ado About Nothing MBTI Shakespeare

Dominant Ne: Like Beatrice, Benedick is a master of pun and wit, and appears to have a lot more fun with their word battles than Beatrice does. He uses his wild imagination and ability to draw connections to pull apart people’s words and use them against them, and can only beat Beatrice by using making jokes about touchy topics. He’s a performer who loves to put on a show for others, and his feelings come out in his humour. For instance, he heavily exaggerates Continue reading