Mary Watson: ENTP


Mary Watson ENTP ESTP |Sherlock MBTI

Dominant Ne: Mary clicks almost instantly with Sherlock because they are both N dominants. She recognizes instantly that both Sherlock and John aren’t having fun with the wedding planning, and is able to effectively play both of them in order to get them out of the house and having fun. Mary is always pointing out new possibilities for Sherlock, and the two of them seem to enjoy playing mind games with each other. Mary is a bit Continue reading

Mr. Teatime: ENTP

Discworld: Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

Mr. Teatime ENTP | Discworld Hogfather MBTI

Dominant Ne: Mr. Teatime is a pro at reading people. He quickly figures out their weaknesses and uses these to manipulate them. He lives in the realm of possibility so much that when asked whether he might be able to kill personifications, he has already considered the possibility and analyzed the ways to go about it. He’s a planner, but willingly deviates from said plan whenever better possibilities present themselves. He views life in terms of the big picture, and rather than trying an conventional Continue reading

Jim Moriarty: ENTP


Jim Moriarty ENTP | Sherlock MBTI

Dominant Ne: Moriarty can usually tell what people are really saying, even when they try to disguise it. He’s able to find commonalities between seemingly opposite concepts (fairytales and real life etc.). He’s all about metaphors and loves talking in riddles and telling stories. He’s full of ideas, which he uses to create chaos and he avoids being consistent. He never relies on the same trick twice and as he says, is “Soooo…changeable!” Continue reading