Jim Moriarty: ENTP


Jim Moriarty ENTP | Sherlock MBTI

Dominant Ne: Moriarty can usually tell what people are really saying, even when they try to disguise it. He’s able to find commonalities between seemingly opposite concepts (fairytales and real life etc.). He’s all about metaphors and loves talking in riddles and telling stories. He’s full of ideas, which he uses to create chaos and he avoids being consistent. He never relies on the same trick twice and as he says, is “Soooo…changeable!” This sometimes throws Sherlock, who is consistent in his habits, off track. Where Sherlock plans, Moriarty throws away his plans in favor of spontaneous decisions. He’s focused on the big-picture (destroying Sherlock Holmes) and even though he’s quite spontaneous, all his decisions point him in the direction of his goals.

Jim Moriarty ENTP | Sherlock MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: Moriarty analyses situations quickly from various angles in his head, and is able to come up with quick responses to problems. He thinks outside the box, combining intuitive discernment about others with internal logic. He doesn’t ramble on when he talks, but gives brief, to-the-point (albeit disguised in riddle) answers. Instead of telling an entire fairy-tale as a clue for Sherlock, he leaves books or bread crumbs, bits and pieces of the stories. He gets annoyed whenever Sherlock launches into a long-winded logical explanation because he prefers answers that are simple and short “Doofus!”

Jim Moriarty ENTP | Sherlock MBTI

Tertiary Fe: Moriarty is good at reading other people’s emotions. He knows where Sherlock’s sensitive spots are (the few people that he loves) and uses them to try to manipulate him. He understands other people intuitively and knows precisely what buttons to push in order to unhinge them. He’s naturally charming (which is what allows him to win Molly’s affection) and he’s also quite theatrical in his approach to nearly everything.

Jim Moriarty ENTP | Sherlock MBTI

Inferior Si: Although Moriarty never really talks about his past, I think it’s clear that he’s sensitive about it (He’s probably after Sherlock because of something that happened between them as kids). Indirectly, we see through his fascination with fairy tales that he’s still very connected to his childhood. He has a vast store of knowledge which he applies directly to his overall goals, though at times his tendency to neglect certain details gets him into a fix.


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