Augustus Waters: ENTP

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green

Augustus Waters ENTP | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Dominant Ne: Gus is a possibility person. He loves symbolism and metaphor and frequently references such in his speech patterns. “You put the killing thing between your teeth…” This is partially what draws Hazel to him, because she’s definitely a symbolism person as well. Gus and Hazel spend loads of time exploring possibilities and reading beneath the surface of pretty much everything. They both drool over Hazel’s favourite book, seeking deeper meaning behind it, as well as exploring the possibilities of the universe. Gus even pulls metaphors and symbolism on Hazel when she’s not paying attention to it –for instance, starting his movie before hers so that it would symbolise the fact that he’d be first to die.

Hazel Grace ISFJ | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: Gus is pretty logical, and likes to analyse and understand everything. He doesn’t necessarily follow external, empirical logic, but tends to focus more on theoretical possibilities. If an idea is presented to Gus, he immediately analyses it from ten different angles in his head, coming to lots of possible answers, but no definite conclusions. He stands up for his cases, defending them with logic.

Augustus Waters ENTP | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Tertiary Fe: Gus is extremely open about his feelings. “She’s not. I am.” “Hazel Grace, I am in love with you.” “I fear oblivion.” He thinks more about other people’s feelings than he does about his own however, and acts directly to show love for them –be it taking Hazel to Amsterdam or letting Isaac smash all of his trophies. When he doesn’t tell Hazel he’s dying, it’s to protect her from being hurt. He’s quick to apologise and is quite charismatic and kind.

Hazel Grace ISFJ | The Fault in Our Stars MBTI

Inferior Si: Augustus likes to repeat things that have made him happy in the past. When stalking his previous girlfriend, Caroline, Hazel discovers that she looks very much like her. He brings up many books and movies he’s seen and compares them to his own experience. He saves his wish, rather than using it up quickly because he wants it to be a very memorable experience. When he first meets Hazel he asks for her “real story” rather than her cancer story –the typical story he’s heard over and over.


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