Clara Oswald: ENTP

Doctor Who

Clara Oswald ENTP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ENTP

Ne: Clara has no problem seeing potentials and ideals. She views the world and the people in it in terms of ideals, what could potentially become rather than what is right in front of her. She makes connections between less obvious dots and catches on to unvoiced connections between people. Clara is a big picture person who believes the future can always be changed to fit her vision of it. She holds off judgement of people until she’s seen the full picture of them, but she doesn’t necessarily hold of prejudice (Fe) (and yes, judgement and prejudice are different). When the 11th Doctor regenerates into the 12th, Clara can’t help being prejudiced against him, but she still holds off final judgement of him until she’s seen both his good side and his bad (thus, when he asks her if he’s a good man, she says “I don’t know”). Even after after the Doctor does things that she thinks are horrible, she still sees possibilities that he could be a good person, and she clings to those possibilities until she believes them.

Clara Oswald ENTP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ENTP

Ti: Clara knows how to logically figure her way out of a situation, and she usually does it by quickly considering a variety of angles and then trying to talk her way out of it. She doesn’t care about functionality so much as analysis. Clara has a large number of questions and likes to gather information so that she can analyse and process it (though she usually doesn’t use it for anything specific). She just wants to know things. Clara relies on a logic that makes sense to her personally rather than paying attention to visible, empirical logic. For example, when Danny dies, Clara doesn’t look to the fact that the Doctor does what’s right regardless of how he feels about it. She works out the wrong idea that she’ll need to manipulate him to try to get him to do what she wants. Clara doesn’t usually make long-term plans, but rather, improvises according to changing circumstance.

Clara Oswald ENTP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ENTP

Fe: Clara is an adaptor. She alters her behaviour to fit changing situations and people, but doesn’t necessarily have a principled moral code that she sticks to. She’s charming and diplomatic with strangers and manipulative with enemies (and sometimes the 12th Doctor…but unfortunately for her, his Ni always catches her). She wants everyone to be happy, and her caring gentleness helps the Doctor (mostly 11) through many rough times. She has a really tough time understanding the 12th Doctor’s tert Fi morality because it is arcane when compared to general standards. As a result, he forces her to make difficult moral decisions so that she will be able to understand the complexity of his situation (Kill the Moon, for example). Clara instantly understands the 11th Doctor on account of their shared functions. The 12th Doctor’s is extremely different from her, but she still strives to understand him.

Clara Oswald ENTP | Doctor Who #MBTI #ENTP

Si: Clara doesn’t like to dwell on the past, but it’s clear that her more sensitive memories are quite prevalent. Clara holds on to items that remind her of people that are important to her (like her mother’s ring and the leaf that lead her to the Doctor). Clara has a tough time dealing with abrupt change –such as new Doctor, or dead Danny.

Clara is most commonly typed as an ENFP, though some idiots even go for INFP…wow. Sorry, but Clara is no introvert…and she doesn’t use a smack of FiTe. People mistake her as an Fi user simply because she has an ego, but I hate to break it to you –Fe vs Fi has literally nothing to do with ego.

She’s definitely an Fe using Extravert. That leaves ENTP and ESTP, and since she’s obviously not an S type, we’ve narrowed her down to ENTP.

Besides, what else could explain why she gets along so well and instantly with the 11th Doctor, but freaks out big time when he regenerates into the 12th Doctor?


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