Lord Arthur Goring: ENTP

An Ideal Husband, Oscar Wilde

Arthur Goring ENTP | An Ideal Husband MBTI

Ne: Goring dislikes convention, and deliberately dances around it. He tends to think of life as a game, and doesn’t always take his obligations seriously, however, he does this deliberately. He makes a point not to take anything seriously. We know however, that he’s actually a deep thinker. He’s capable of understanding both the trivial and the profound. He speaks constantly in sarcasm and evasive mockery, intentionally inverting the meaning of people’s statements in order to make fun of them. He dodges responsibility so well that nobody even expects him to do anything productive.

Arthur Goring ENTP | An Ideal Husband MBTI

Ti: Goring doesn’t care much about power, but likes to manipulate the system passively from underneath. At the same time, he’s actually the busiest character in the play. He isn’t’ the action, but he drives the action between all of the other characters (Lord Goring is to An Ideal Husband as Friar Lawrence is to Romeo and Juliet). He analyses people’s words and sarcastically critiques their logic.

Arthur Goring ENTP | An Ideal Husband MBTI

Fe: Goring is well in touch with other people’s feelings and as a result, doesn’t like to take sides. He has a strong influence on the people around him. His understanding of people’s feelings allows him to easily convince them to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t. He’s is aware that he has flaws, but doesn’t necessarily care to understand them. He deliberately doesn’t like morals and tries to avoid them.

Arthur Goring ENTP | An Ideal Husband MBTI

Si: Appearance and fashion are very important to Lord Goring. He loves extravagance and spends his time as a dandy in preference to living responsibly.


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