Mr. Teatime: ENTP

Discworld: Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

Mr. Teatime ENTP | Discworld Hogfather MBTI

Dominant Ne: Mr. Teatime is a pro at reading people. He quickly figures out their weaknesses and uses these to manipulate them. He lives in the realm of possibility so much that when asked whether he might be able to kill personifications, he has already considered the possibility and analyzed the ways to go about it. He’s a planner, but willingly deviates from said plan whenever better possibilities present themselves. He views life in terms of the big picture, and rather than trying an conventional method of killing the Hogfather, thinks up and out-of-the box method that will rid the world of him forever. He loves a challenge, and will gladly take on the so-called impossible task of assassinating personifications.

Mr. Teatime ENTP | Discworld Hogfather MBTI

Auxiliary Ti: Teatime analyses every possibility from a hundred different angles in his head. He values efficiency enough that he will nail a dog to a ceiling to stop it barking while he works (though there was definitely also some psychopathic energy in that action as well). He gets rid of anyone who is no longer of any use to him and uses emotional detachment to maintain a fear-based control over others. Teatime takes criticism with pleasure and failure only further serves to motivate him. He’s comfortable diving into new situations quickly and has a good sense of irony.

Mr. Teatime ENTP | Discworld Hogfather MBTI

Tertiary Fe: Teatime can naturally read people’s emotions and use them to control others. He uses theatricality to frighten them and knows precisely what buttons to push to make them react the way he wants them to. He fears nothing and is detached from his own emotions. He takes pleasure in torturing others and takes every opportunity he can to stab people in the gut. His career choice reflects this perfectly, as he makes an expert assassin.

Mr. Teatime ENTP | Discworld Hogfather MBTI

Inferior Si: Teatime mimics the innocent voice tone of a child in order to unhinge others. He doesn’t care for Hogswatch or traditions, but knows enough about them that he finds near success in trying to prevent all future occurrences of them. He collects knowledge about others and situations and recalls it at will in order to hurt them.


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