River Song: ENTJ

Doctor Who

River Song ENTJ | Doctor Who MBTI

Dominant Te: There is purpose behind everything that River Song does. To her, knowledge is pointless unless it can aid her in her goals. She likes to be the one in charge, and this definitely comes through in her relationship with the Doctor. She maintains a certain degree of control over him with her “spoilers,” act, and she can fly the TARDIS better than him. She’s strategic in everything that she does, and isn’t particularly afraid of anything. She loves a calculated risk, and is able to hide the future from the Doctor for years as she travels through times.

River Song ENTJ | Doctor Who MBTI

Auxiliary Ni: River Song’s life jumps all over the place through time and space, but even through all the chaos, she’s constantly focused on one thing: the Doctor (whether it’s killing him, finding out who he is, marrying him or saving him). She’s good at figuring out complicated logic and sequential patterns. She has the big-picture awareness to recognize the importance of not sharing details of the future with the Doctor and she is willing to allow painful things to happen to herself when she could stop them because she’s aware that there are fixed points in time.

River Song ENTJ | Doctor Who MBTI

Tertiary Se: River Song is an adrenaline junkie. She’s fast and reflexive, easily adapting to any new environment. She’s not afraid to jump off rooftops, or into potential death. She loves to shoot things (I think we can safely say it’s a love) and can easily wipe out an entire room full of enemies. She’s constantly aware of everything in her environment, and her own appearance. One of the first things she does after her regeneration is to want to go shopping.

River Song ENTJ | Doctor Who MBTI

Inferior Fi: River doesn’t believe in rules. Everything she does has roots in self-benefit (even if that self-benefit is through the benefit of others). She speaks her mind without a care as to how blunt her words come out. When she loves it is deeply and forever, and though she doesn’t like to talk about her feelings, they drive her every action.

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