The Master: ENTJ

Doctor Who

(The John Simm one)

The Master ENTJ | Doctor Who

Dominant Te: The Master is a task-oriented, planning villain. He decides what he wants quickly, determines the most direct way to get it and acts towards those ends. His goals aim for total control of everyone and everything, with himself in charge of it all. He likes to be in control of everything and enjoys watching the Doctor panic over losing control himself. He’s good at pin-pointing what’s inefficient and has a back-up plan for everything. Where the 10th Doctor improvises, the Master plans to interfere with these improvisations.

The Master ENTJ | Doctor Who

Auxiliary Ni: The Master is able to guess relatively accurately how politics and people will respond to the plans he sets in motion. He is able to effectively predict what the Doctor will to in opposition of his plans and makes extra plans to hinder his efforts. He’s a strategist who plots carefully in order to achieve his visions. He tends to be a bit of a narcissist…big surprise, as is more than evident in his decision to turn everyone on the planet into clones of himself. The Doctor doesn’t necessarily have training in politics or any of the areas that he interferes with, but he still manages to figure out how to manipulate the systems.

The Master ENTJ | Doctor Who

Tertiary Se: The Master appreciates physical experiences…likes a good burger. He’s very active, and even when he’s dying, he’s full of too much energy. He’s observant of his physical environment enough that he sees right through the Doctor’s screwdriver escape attempt. He plays games with the Doctor to win, and to win only. He even refuses to regenerate because he views it as a way of showing the Doctor that he’s beat him. Though he plans ahead, the Master lives very much in the moment and the only thing really roots him in the past at all is the drumming in his head.

The Master ENTJ | Doctor Who

Inferior Fi: The Master seeks to benefit himself and get back at the Doctor for wrongs he believes he’s caused him. All his actions, though logical, are directly spurred from his feelings. He doesn’t see why certain aspects of morality are more important than others, but would rather adopt a simple ethical code that mostly involves doing whatever it takes to win. He desperately wants the Doctor to understand how he feels, and puts all his efforts in to trying to achieve that end. Meanwhile, he’s not in touch with anyone else’s feelings and doesn’t stop to ask what the Doctor feels.


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