Peter Wiggin: ENTJ

Ender’s Game Saga, Orson Scott Card

Peter Wiggin ENTJ | Ender's Game MBTI

Dominant Te: Peter is a long-term planner with a specific set of goals in view. Immediately upon figuring out what he wants, Peter devises steps to get what he wants and goes after it with precision. Peter has an incredible capacity to organize others to the actions that he desires accomplished. He doesn’t ever consider the prospect of failure and measures success by external, objective means. He believes that anything can be organized and manipulated to fit his external environment. If something isn’t working for him, he manipulates it to suite his needs. He has a strong need to be in charge, and as a result, he becomes jealous of Ender because of his success as a battle school applicant.

Auxiliary Ni: Peter is always looking towards the future. He is able to predict accurately how systems and people will react to situations that he creates. He willingly invests himself in the nets because he sees the large-scale potential that it has in terms of control. Peter understands intuitively how to effectively manipulate people, and does so without so much as a twinge of guilt. He uses his charisma to hide his psychopathic plots and uses Valentine’s weaknesses to get her to do what he wants. He easily recognizes problems in his current strategy and is able to revise it in order to take over the world.

Tertiary Se: Peter is an action based individual. He wants to win. Loosing isn’t isn’t in his repertoire. Peter doesn’t consider the idea of danger, and he is perfectly at ease involving himself in new and difficult situations. He’s able to adapt so that he can revise his strategy to fit new events and improve upon his current strategy. He’s a risk-taker who loves to try new things and doesn’t hesitate to jump on opportunities. Peter is charismatic and uses his intelligence to captivate the world, and thereby take it over politically.

Inferior Fi: Peter’s moral code is very black and white, and in truth, he devotes very little time to thinking about it. His actions, though logical, are motivated solely by his personal feelings and desires. His goals are entirely self-interested, and he copes with his suffering by delighting in the pain of others. He tortures and kills animals as a boy, and sets out successfully to take over the world politically.