ENTJ in the Grip

Can you explain what you meant when you said Falstaff is an ENTJ “in the grip?”

A little more on that grip-idea –as it relates specifically to ENTJs.

When an ENTJ stops utilizing his upper functions (Te-Ni) to their full capacity, he is prone to a rather unique problem. He tends to get stuck in his lower functions, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, because rather than being a doer, who plans and visualizes what he wants his life to be, be becomes something else entirely.

He turns lazy, and laziness never made and ENTJ happy. When an ENTJ lacks a goal, he lacks a purpose, because an ENTJ without a direction is like a ship without a sail. He doesn’t go anywhere.

He doesn’t accomplish any of the visions that he has for himself because he’s busy indulging in activities that provide instant gratification and no long term reward.

This is Falstaff. This is also (sometimes, but not always) Tony Stark.

You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “ENTJ in the Grip

  1. Oh my gosh, yes!!! I’ve been “in the grip” for some time now. Like you currently I am suffering from some sort of Chronic Fatigue probably brought about by years of overworking on 3 hours of sleep each night. Some new people I have met don’t see me as an ENTJ because I have become lazy and it is difficult for me to get anything done without a “Big Picture” goal. Then I am tormented all night about how rapidly life is flying by and nothing is being accomplished. I make a list of things to do each morning between 4-6 only to not have the energy to finish them.I am also shut down by my ISTP spouse’s almost instinctive negativity. Everyone in my family is some sort of rebel. ISTP/ENTP/ISFP It’s hard for me to relate to how they can just float randomly through life without purpose and remain content, my god, how do you do that? Makes me want to run away and start over in a foreign country, but I’m too loyal for that.


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