Misty – Pokémon: ENFJ

Guest post by Andrew, ENTJ

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Misty ENFJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENFJ

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Misty is a bundle of emotion who has no trouble expressing happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, or whatever else she is feeling.  She is also very accommodating to the emotions and wishes of others; even though she bears psychological scars from the constant teasing of her sisters, she helps them out in whatever way she can.  She steps in to star in a last-minute show that they wrote and produced, and when she leaves to continue on her journey, her sisters ask her to leave her Starmie (her most powerful battling Pokemon) at the Cerulean City Gym so they will have enough Pokemon for future shows.  Misty doesn’t like the idea, but she acquiesces to their request.  She also takes over the gym when called upon to do so by her sisters, who are much more interested in traveling and performing than battling.  At times, she seems to care more about the gym’s reputation than about her own.

Misty ENFJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENFJ

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Whenever Team Rocket attacks or a crisis strikes, Misty is almost always trying to restrain the impulsive Ash from making rash decisions.  She goes into each Pokemon battle with a plan of action, and avoids taking unnecessary risks.  Misty has one goal in life: she wants to be a Water Pokemon Master, and she works tirelessly toward her goal, going fishing, training, and actively teaching new attacks to her Pokemon.

Misty ENFJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENFJ

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Misty has a materialistic streak: she has a strong desire to be fashionable and she enjoys shopping sprees.  In the heat of battle, she can also adapt to unexpected situations: when her Psyduck, who has a habit of emerging from its Pokeball unbidden, makes an unplanned entrance during a battle, Misty, aided by her Ni, can bait the opposing Pokemon into attacking Psyduck’s head, unleashing its hidden psychic power.

Misty ENFJ | Pokemon #MBTI #ENFJ

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Although Misty is driven by her emotions, she will sometimes cloak them in logic.  It is strongly implied that Misty has more-than-friendly feelings for Ash; however, she makes an excuse to travel with him (Ash and Pikachu wrecked her bike, so she’s following Ash around until he buys her a new one).  She can also think outside of the box in Pokemon battles: she counters Sleep Powder and Stun Spore (moves designed to incapacitate opposing Pokemon) by having her Pokemon submerge themselves in water; if the powder washes off right away, she reasons, it will be of no use.

Note: I considered typing Misty as ESFJ, since (a) she is very informed about battling even at the beginning of her journey, and (b) she has a strong loyalty and attachment to the Cerulean City gym, where she grew up.  Still, while these can be indicative of Si, Misty does not seem to have the complementary Ne.  She doesn’t read too much into people, and favors a clear plan over endless possibilities.


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